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"Christian Festivals have lost their Religious meaning" Do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your answers showing that you have considered other points of view.

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"Christian Festival have lost their Religious meaning" Do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your answers showing that you have considered other points of view. I agree that Christian festivals have lost their religious meaning. Leading up to Christmas shopkeepers just commercialise their products to make money this shows it has no meaning to them. It is no longer about Jesus being born, him dying and him rising from the dead. At Christmas time people think it is a time for giving and receiving presents but do they know how religion is involved in this? Many adults fell under pressure at this time. They have to get the presents the children want to please them. As a result of this many companies profit from this because children want what they see on T.V when big toy stores advertise there Christmas stock. ...read more.


'Advent' is supposed to be counting down to Jesus' birth not counting down to the biggest chocolate on Christmas day. Christmas card tradition has also been taken over by new symbols for example reindeers and snowmen. Cards should show Jesus' birth as there are distributed to family and friends to show they remember them during Christmas. Even if they don't remember Jesus a religious card will make them think of him. Easter is another time Jesus should be remembered as he rose from the dead, but people are taken up by the advertising again. Easter eggs are a hugely sold product at Easter. This is what small Children relate to Easter, they should also be told what the true meaning is. All children know that the Easter bunny will leave eggs behind for good children it is another reason for shopkeepers to commercialise and make money out of a religious festival which is wrong! ...read more.


Carol singers get many people in the spirit of Christmas they are also worshipping Jesus at the same time. This also lets people think about Jesus. During Christmas and Easter there is a remembrance of Jesus Christ. Especially at Easter, chocolate eggs are given and shared amongst friends mainly children this represents 'life'. This shows Jesus rising from the dead and at this time during spring new animals are born. In Jesus' life Easter was the time, the tomb that Jesus' body lay in after his crucifixion was found empty. People found out that Jesus had risen. People rejoiced and this time is called the resurrection now. Another mass produced product at Easter is 'Hot Cross Buns'. The Religious meaning in these are the cross representing the cross Jesus was crucified on and the spices in them represents the spices which were put on his body to preserve it when he had died. ...read more.

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