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Christian Marriage

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Christian Marriage Before the actual marriage the bride and groom have to attend classes with a minister or vicar. This insures that they understand the true marriage, and to show that they are not forced to get married. The banns are read in a Parish church 3 weeks before the wedding take place. This allows anyone who knows of any reason why the couple should not get married to say so. Many Christian couples choose to get married in a church, this is because the church is symbolic of God's house, however Jesus said of Peter "You are the work on which I will build my church", suggesting that the church was the house of God and therefore the place to marry. ...read more.


bride is not a virgin or has been married before she may choose to wear cream or ivory, but some still choose to wear white as they want their marriage to be a pure new beginning. The groom has a best man to assist him but he does not have any symbolic role. In olden times if the groom did not appear at the wedding then the best man had to marry the bride!! In a Christian marriage the most important part of the marriage service is the vows, each vow makes a promise to the future partner that they will keep out throughout their married life together. ...read more.


Rice used to be thrown at weddings, this is an ancient symbol of fertility. It was thrown to wish the couple many children as the purpose of Christian marriage is procreation. Today people throw edible confetti instead, it is more environmentally friendly. The veil that the bride wears symbolises the barrier between the couple until after the ceremony, it covers the brides face while she is waling down the aisle. When they re married the veil is lifted, thus means that the couple can now consummate their marriage (have sex). Wedding bells are often rung at the end of the ceremony. This is to inform the Parish that a wedding has taken place and allow them to share this joyous occasion. ...read more.

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