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Christian Marriage

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Heather Brown 17th December '07 Christian Marriage Marriage is a public declaration of a man and a woman's love and commitment to each other, Christians believe that getting married in a church is a way for God to witness this ceremony and give them His blessing. Marriage has been seen as Gods plan for humans, as it says in the bible. 'What God has joined together let man not separate' Marriage is an ideal situation to bring up children and is the only place to have a sexual relationship, as Christians do not believe in sex before marriage. In marriage god expects a couple to be sexually faithful to each other (monogamous). There are a lot of things that have to be done before the actual wedding ceremony can go ahead. The couple have to discuss their vows, "traditional or personal", hymns and flowers chosen but most important are the banns. ...read more.


Now the couple either exchange rings or the groom places a ring on the bride's finger. The ring is a perfect circle which symbolises the couples love which is hoped will last and grow thought love and eternity. The ring is placed on the third finger of the left hand, it is believed that the vein in this finger runs all the way to the heart. There are two main variations of a Christian marriage service and the beliefs behind it. Roman Catholics and most other Christians believe that the wedding service is a sacrament. This is a special service in which god passes on his blessing to the couple. Roman Catholics believe that during the ceremony which is called a nuptial mass the man and woman alone becomes a channel of gods blessing to each other. this makes the marriage a special sacrament. In other sacrament the blessing comes through the priest. ...read more.


Pulpit The pulpit is a small raised platform where the vicar gives his sermon, reads parts of the bible and talks to the congregation. Gospel lesson are given from there, looking from the congregations point of view, the altar is on the left side of the church. This is why the left side is called the Gospel side. A member of the congregation can read a poem or give a speech here at a wedding. Lectern A lectern is a stand for a bible, made from wood or brass and shaped like an eagle. the eagle symbolises the word of God, being spread through out the world. During the wedding ceremony the lectern is used to rest the bible as the priest gives a reading from it. When a woman gets married it is tradition for her to wear white. During the day of 1840 queen Victoria started the trend as it symbolised great wealth but in the wedding ceremony white is said to symbolise purity and virginity. The priest may also wear a white stole because white is the colour of happy times in a church. ...read more.

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