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Christian marriage and the ceremony

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Christian Marriage is both a commitment and a responsibility for life. Marriage is a sacrament and something to be celebrated. It is the solemn joining together of two people in the eyes of God who both love respect and honour each other. The married couple may be blessed with children who in turn can be baptised into the Christian community. Christian marriage not only is a union of a man and a women but it also brings together a third person as well. That third person is Jesus who gives the couple his grace and strength to help them to live out their commitment faithfully and lovingly as it states in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Pope John Paul 11 has preached in his homily in the UK (31.05.82) ...read more.


A Christian marriage needs to take place in a church with the priest in attendance. In the greeting the priest will welcome everyone present into God's house. It is a sign that the whole congregation and parish want them to know that they share in the joy of the happy occasion and join in with the celebration of the marriage. At the homily the priest will speak about the dignity of married love and how this will help the couple to grow closer to God through each other. He will also converse about the meaning and responsibility of marriage. The couple will be questioned on whether they "give oneself to each other freely and without reservation?" emphasising that marriage is a completely exclusive and faithful relationship. ...read more.


Following this the couple will take their vows to show a covenant, an unconditional gift, of the whole of oneself to each other in front of their friends and family; so everyone knows the permanence, exclusiveness and life-giving ness of their marriage. The priest represents the people of God, the church, and he accepts the mutual consent of the couple. Rings are exchanged as a sign to symbolise love and fidelity of the couple to each other. They have promised themselves to one another in love as an everlasting and select relationship. The ring is a token of their promises to each other which will be worn at all times signifying they are part of a couple. The priest will then bless the couple saying, "Keep them faithful to you and to each other and let them be living examples of Christian life". A legal register will then be signed and the couple are officially married. ...read more.

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