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Christian Perspectives on the Commericalisation of Christmas

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Festivals Question 3 Christopher Ball I believe that a Christian would agree with the statement because, the time of Christmas is the celebration of the incarnation of Jesus. All of the commercial side to Christmas is not needed to celebrate this, as all that is needed is to attend Mass, and spend time with each of their Christian families. Christians would believe this because when Jesus was sent down to save us all from our sins, he did not hand out pointless gifts. ...read more.


In favour of the commercial side of Christmas is that, without this side families may not spend time together, which makes the celebration of the incarnation like the rest of the year which is spent apart. With the addition of gifts and food, it encourages families to make time available. This time is very valuable, so Christians need to find to find a happy medium between celebrating the true meaning and the commercialisation of Christmas. ...read more.


I believe a Christian would agree with my view because in Mt4:23 it says "Jesus went all over Galilee, teaching in synagogues, preaching the good news about the kingdom, and healing people who had all kinds of sickness and disease". This quote is explaining that Jesus preached and helped those who need help as they are less fortunate than us. A Christian would agree with my statement that there is a place for commercialisation at Christmas, in moderation because Jesus himself gave gifts-the gift of his life. ...read more.

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