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Christian Places of Worship

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Christian Places of Worship (a) Visit two local Christian places of worship. Using pictures and/or diagrams describe and explain the main features of the building and their furnishings. (b) Explain the significance of these features and furnishings for the worshipper and how they reflect and assist belief. (c) 'You do not need to go to a place of worship to be a Christian.' Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer and show that you have thought about different points of view. Suppose you asked a dedicated Christian whether or not they regularly attended Church the answer that you would probably get would be yes. However some Christians do not go to Church but express their faith in other ways. Although we normally think of Christians going to a public place of worship such as a church or chapel to share their belief with other Christians and to learn more about their faith this is not always the case because you can still be Christian without actually going to church or a similar place of worship at all. ...read more.


Some Christians may not go to church or go to a private Christian group as they may prefer to worship on their own this does not mean they are not as dedicated to their Christian faith as it may just be that they like to have quiet time to reflect on their faith by listening to Christian preaching or music tapes or they may feel more comfortable reading the bible on their own where they feel they can concentrate on it better. Although some Christians choose not to go to church some Christians may be physically unable to attend church services. They maybe elderly or too ill or it may just be a case that they have no means of transport to get to a church (Although now that is rarely the case as churches often have mini buses that pick up people to attend services or there is usually another another person that goes to the church who could offer them lifts to get to a church.) Some Christians do not go to church or any kind of place or worship but they may religiously follow Christian teachings in their everyday lives which is more important than going ...read more.


If there were no churches because people believed that there was not a need for a Christian place of worship there would be no spreading of the faith and there would be no place for people to come if they were seeking guidance or help in someway. In conclusion I believe that although it is important to have the option to be able to go to church that if you choose not to go it doesn't mean that you are not a dedicated Christian as there are other ways of worship. It is just a matter of opinion and interpretation of the Christian faith in whether you choose to go to church or not, some believe that it is important to come together as a Christian community in a church believed to be holy whereas others may find it more beneficial to worship in small groups or alone as they may be able to concentrate better or have the belief the faith should not be centred on material things but whatever they chose they are all bought together by one common thing - their faith in God and Jesus and all that they teach us. ...read more.

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