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Christian sexual ethics- expected behaviour and reactions. Sexual ethics are of great importance to Christianity.

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Christian sexual ethics- expected behaviour and reactions. Sexual ethics are of great importance to Christianity. These ethics are based on the teachings and life of Jesus Christ and we can observe these teachings through a number of different factors as well as the expected behavior and reactions of believers. Ethics show people what is right and wrong, and what practices and ideologies should be exercised and which should be reframed from exercising. Christian churches alike discuss sexual ethics as an understanding of moral obligations and ethical guide lines that reflect the Christians principals and their relationship to God. They deem what is acceptable and unacceptable, necessary and unnecessary as a Christian. ...read more.


Sexual ethics and activity are taught on the basis of two things within the Catholic tradition; the expression of love for god within Christian marriage and procreation. Therefore Christians are hence forth expected to comply with these teachings as being part of the Christian tradition. Expected behavior on their part is to engage in sexual activity that is shared between a man and a woman in the context of marriage. This unity morally expresses their love for one another as well as expressing God's love. Within this context the married man and woman are expected to react towards sexuality with the intention of flourishing a family. ...read more.


Thus they should practice the act of sex with enjoyment and morality between the confines of marriage. Sexual ethics are based mainily around being a reflection of God's love for the people and the peoples love for God, thus they must not be broken, and should be practiced with the principals of the 10 commandments and beatitudes, that way honesty, trust and respect between a married couple and them to God is truly embodying Christian morals. Christians are therefore expected to behave and react in a way that runs in accordance to these Christian morals and ethics to uphold a moral and respectable life that reflects the life of Jesus Christ. ...read more.

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