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Christian Teaching On Marriage and Family Life a) Describe the biblical teachings about marriage and family life.

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Christian Teaching On Marriage and Family Life a) Describe the biblical teachings about marriage and family life. This essay will describe the biblical teachings on marriage and family life. There are five important principles on Christian marriage; marriage is a Sacrament, based on love, which should be permanent, exclusive and fruitful. Marriage is a sacrament. This means it's a gift from God and a sign of his love to us, and through it we are united with God. We can see this in Mark 10:5-6 this verse tells us that by getting married it shows total union with God. Another example is in Ephesians 5:32 where marriage is described as "a great mystery". We can find out from this that by getting married in a church God becomes part of the relationship between the two people. Through the couples love God's love is expressed to others. So in other words when husband and wife come together in marriage, with God, this reflects gods love and how he is one with us. Marriage is a sacrament of a bond we shouldn't break. It brings us closer to God and this is shown in the small practical things we do. Christian marriage is based on love. ...read more.


husband must not divorce his wife' St Paul teaches that if you separate from your husband or wife you must remain single as your marriage is no longer permanent. In Mathew 18:21-22 we are told that we should always forgive this is important as it tells us we should be prepared to forgive anything that the other spouse has done. Forgiveness is the key feature of a marriage. The Pharisee also tried to trap Jesus about the importance of a marriage being permanent. 'Does our law allow us to divorce' This question explains that if a couple is divorced and if they marry again they are committing adultery in the catholic churches eyes. This is also told in the Ten Commandments. In conclusion a marriage being permanent is staying together. The forth key teaching is marriage should be exclusive. It means both man and woman should stay faithful in a relationship. Neither spouse should have a sexual relationship with anyone other than your partner. Exodus 20:14 in the Ten Commandments says 'Do not commit adultery' This is telling us that marriage is between two people. There should be no one else involved or then it will consider as adultery. Adultery is considered as one of the worst sins in a married life. ...read more.


Christian's teachings say that you should bring up your children in the Christian faith this is apparent for Ephesians6:14 St Paul says 'Bring then up with Christian disciples and instructions' The teachings are saying that parents should tell their children about the Christian way of life. Parents have to teach their children the importance of being Christian and the ventures of life like honestly, patience, politeness, loyalty and trust. Another teaching is about their believes in Christianity we should take care of our relatives in a family life St Paul in his letter to Timothy 5:8 comments on family life 'Take care of your relatives' This teaching is telling us to look after those who need our help. Who are sick and cannot look after themselves but if you don't do this you have denied the faith and you are worse than a non believer. I have decided that marriage and family life are important in the Christian teachings overall the Christian teaching on marriage is firstly to be fruitful. It also should be permanent, full of love as it is or so a sign of God's love. In addition the church also teaches that marriage is a sacrament a gift from God. Finally it should also be exclusive to both spouse and they should both remain faithful in the relationship. ?? ?? ?? ?? This document is copyright to Rita Michaels This document is copyright to Rita Michaels ...read more.

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