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Christian teachings about euthanasia.

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There are many different Christian teachings which can be used In a discussion about euthanasia, most of these discussions can be found in the bible or in a Christian church. The main things used in a Christian discussion would mainly consider some of the Ten Commandments. The main commandment Christians would use would be 'Thou shall not kill' which is the 5th commandment and is found in Exodus 20:13. The way a message can be spread by using this is by getting other people to know that death and killing each other is not a good thing and if you do kill someone you are committing a sin against God. You could also try and get the person to think in a different point of view, and perhaps asked them how would they feel if someone was about to kill them for no particular reason, then this might get them thinking how wrong it is. ...read more.


God created us for living a good life and not for wasting or destroying lives for no good reason. 'Rather be glad that you are sharing Christ's sufferings, so that you maybe full of joy when his glory revealed' Peter 4:13 this is also a good saying which is mentioned in the bible because it says that everyone should be glad to have life and should not waste it. This saying can also be linked to the saying that god did not create lives to be wasted. The second section of this saying says that 'you may be full of joy when his glory is revealed 'this may mean that everyone has there right time to die and when this comes all his glory will be revealed. ...read more.


quite a good example from the bible again because it is quite long and descriptive and gives the picture that gods spirit lives inside of us. Also what they are trying to tell us in this example is that if anybody kills someone for no good reason, God will destroy there temple inside of them which is there life. Finally hopefully these points should persuade most individuals that euthanasia is wrong and there are many consequences which can be faced when euthanasia is committed. People should also learn that it is not only the bible that has sayings which say killing and euthanasia is wrong but there are also discussions about euthanasia and how wrong it is. Section a (ii) Explain what Christian teachings might be used in a discussion about euthanasia Remell Henry Euthanasia coursework page 2 ...read more.

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