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Christian teachings and abortion.

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Abortion Abortion is when an embryo or foetus is removed from the womb before the birth is taken place. When the foetus or embryo is removed they are destroyed. This can only legally be done before the mother reaches 28 weeks of the pregnancy. There are a lot of arguments about whether abortion should be legal or not. Some people belief that it is the same a murder because the foetus is alive in the womb. They belief if you were to abort the baby then you are killing it which is therefore murder. Other people believe that because the foetus is not fully developed and still in the mother's womb, then it is not born yet so there for it is not murder. Then there is a believe that abortion is acceptable in some circumstances e.g. If some one were to get pregnant through rape or if they were too young to give the child a good life or the child were to be handy cap etc. Christian teachings In the Christian religion abortion is considered very wrong. The Church of England teaches that abortion is very serious is should only be done if a last resort or under certain circumstances, the final decision should be made by the parents. ...read more.


I think at the end of the day it may come down to whether a person just believes it would wrong to have an abortion because it is taking what would have been a live. Belief in action Christians may put their beliefs forward by trying to teach younger people more about abortion and contraception etc. This may help teenagers understand things more and may make them realise the consequences of pregnancy. They may use none violence protests to try and get there message across. Or they may even do things in their church and try to teach the younger people in the church about abortion. They may provide special church services aimed at women, they could hold discussions groups that women could go to, to take Part and get advice or just to talk to women going through similar things. They could advertise things like this by using leaflets and posters. They could also have a free help line that could be available for women to phone for advice this could also be advertised using leaflets etc. They could make women aware of the damage that abortion can have on women mentally and physically. ...read more.


I think it is sometimes wrong when people have an abortion when they say they are too young e.g. teenager. I think that it is wrong to have an abortion in those circumstances because it is selfish. They are only thinking of them selves and not the baby that they may have. It's not the baby's fault that that person got pregnant it is there own fault. So why should the baby then be killed for it. I think in these cases mothers should think of other options like Adoption or putting their baby into Foster care until they can look after the baby themselves. The only circumstances that I am unsure about are if the mother has a multiple pregnancy. This may mean that if she has all of the babies then there is a chance that the may not all survive or all of them may die. But she could have all of the babies and they could all live. It would be a hard decision because you would have to choose which baby/babies to abort. If you did go through with it you may always be left wondering what if you had keep them all would they have all lived, what would the baby/babies that you aborted be like etc. Maddy Allen RE 10F 12/07/03 ...read more.

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