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Christian view on when life begins

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There are different times when people believe that life begins. Some believe it is after 9 months, when the baby has been born into the world and is fully formed, others believe it is day 25 of the pregnancy when the heart first starts to beat. Which one of these do you believe? Or are you a Christian and believe that life begins at conception. I believe it is when the baby has been born into the world. God has a plan for each life, even before conception, we know this from the famous quote "before I formed you in the womb, I new you, I set you apart". Christians have responsibilities for those at the beginnings and end of lives. They feel it is that important to them, that they have to celebrate it, churches hold services to pay respect to show value to those who have just begun their life, and they can be christened. ...read more.


An example of Euthanasia is the Terri Schiavo case. Terri Schiavo suffered severe brain damage in 1990 following a heart attack. The brain damage left her unable to care for herself so for the last 13 years she's had a feeding tube in her for nutrients and fluids. Terri is unable to eat or swallow, and is being kept alive by means of a feeding tube. Her husband, Michael Schiavo has fought for years to remove the feeding tube and allow Terri to "die naturally". What do you think should happen? We know that Christians feel strongly about their beliefs that they hold, because it says in the bible with the quotes that it states such as "thou shall not kill" this means that a human should not kill another human, God commands this to Moses. Another quote that backs this up is "God made man in his own image" this simply means each creation is made to be like god so killing it would be like killing God. ...read more.


Christians challenge society to the maximum when they think that they are right. They are very dominant and think that if they sit back and do nothing then it is their fault if anything happens, they feel responsible for the sanctity of life. Martin Luther king is a good example, he protected lives and he fought for the right of black people in America as he thought they should all be treated the same. In all fairness the only difference was the color of their skin. Another example is the Church of England. The church campaigned to stop the war which was happening in Iraq, as deaths were happening and this went against the quote "thou shall not kill". A final example is the Roman Catholics and their campaign against the termination of a foetus/abortion. They think the mother is killing her baby which is murder and also goes against "thou shall not kill". This has always been the same. ?? ?? ?? ?? Nikki McConchie 10B ...read more.

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