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Christian views on abortion and euthanasia

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Christians are often faced with different issues of abortion and euthanasia and they respond in several different ways. Sometimes it is difficult to decide for yourself what is right and wrong about each issue. Christians may respond to the bible, and the way that they interpret quotes to say that abortion is wrong. One such bible quote is "Thou shall not kill". Abortion goes against this as it is killing an unborn foetus. "Your body is the temple of the holy spirit" is another quote from the bible. Abortion goes against this as well because if you are killing what could be a life (a body) you are killing the temple of the Holy Spirit. Further more to this, the Roman Catholic Church is completely against abortion and believes that there is no exception to having one and that it is totally unacceptable. The Church of England believes that abortion is wrong however, there are a few exceptions such as; rape. ...read more.


Abortion can be seen as helping someone through the termination if they do not wish to continue with the pregnancy for what ever reason. Helping someone through this process is very important as the patient may break down. You should always be there for your neighbour's what ever the issue. The Free Church is totally free choice (as you could probably tell by the name). It has no particular views or beliefs as they think that no sets of rules should be made as all case/issues are different. They just believe that god will guide the woman in the right direction. Christians are also often faced with different issues about euthanasia. Some agree with it as again the bible quote says "love thy neighbour". This means that you should love and care for each other around you, so helping them to end their life and suffering and that's what they want then why should that not be allowed? ...read more.


This goes against one of the Ten Commandments as you are giving the patient an injection to kill them and end their suffering. This might feel right in your shoes but some feel it is wrong in their eyes and Gods too. A type of church which follows this is The Roman Catholic Church they see euthanasia as a sin. Finally the individual's conscience is the final way in which Christians may respond to euthanasia being unacceptable. They ask the question "what are hospices are for?" The answer is to care for sick people and be cared for 24/7 by professional carers, up until the day they eventually die. Adding to this there is no need really to cut a life short when help is available. Overall I think what ever the person who it is involved with (abortion - mother, euthanasia - patient) they should have the final decision as after all it is their life, they have looked after it up until this point so why not carry on and do what they think is best? ?? ?? ?? ?? Nikki McConchie 10B ...read more.

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