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Christian views

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Many Christians feel strongly about certain modern issues and try to express what they feel about their religion to others in the community. However how far they should take this might intimidate others and it may even be objected to. I will now try to show this in my essay by giving points that agree with what Christians believe and points that disagree with it. At the end I will sum up my essay and give a detailed conclusion and include my opinion on whether Christians should not try to make others accept their position or whether they are just responding to God's commands. An extremely strong point to agreeing with this is that we live in a Multicultural society with more than one religion, therefore there are more beliefs and viewpoints, so why should only some be taken notice of. All beliefs should be known and respected equally. Furthermore Christians should not challenge the law which is set on things, such as abortion. ...read more.


the type of equipment to save patients lives, like a life support machine, so how by us switching these off would it be ending a life when these machines were never around 2000 years ago anyway? On the other hand, you may think that it not up to Christians at all and that it is God's will, Christians are not forcing you in any way, they are advising you. For example an extreme point on this side of the "debate" is that people's beliefs are based on the bible which in actual fact is gods word and teachings of the church are his mediators. They are not spreading what they think or their authority, it God's i.e. the Ten Commandments. A quote from Mathew 28-120, states that Jesus said to go and make disciples of all nations and to teach them to observe all that he has commanded them. We know our lives are not run by Christians but you have to think this is what Jesus said, so who do you follow? Another very famous phrase is from a prayer. ...read more.


We will leave it at this, after you having both two sides of this debate and we will see which one you agree with... Rounding all this up, most people would be stuck in between the two of what to believe. I personally agree that what Christians believe about life is up to them, but they should not try to make others accept their position. It's not their life it is just their religion and what they believe, there are many different beliefs around the world and taking into account every ones would get us nowhere. On the other hand strong points where made to disagree with the quote, like they are not spreading their authority its god's. You could carry on arguing that Christians are just simply responding to god's commands and what he said in the bible. Do Christians have a duty to do for God, such as raise people's awareness about certain issues OR are they taking the matter into their own hands and literally forcing their views on others? Maybe it depends on what the issue is. ?? ?? ?? ?? Nikki McConchie 10B ...read more.

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