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Christian Wedding

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Section A R.E Course work The Main features of a Christian wedding There is typically an systematic order for a Christian wedding service. A wedding ceremony process needs to be planned in advance. The step by step is asked by priest that there should be no reason why these two shouldn't get married. The vows and then the witness or hymns of music. Wedding ceremonies range from a lavish wedding party which include flower arrangements, special church along with Rolls Royce to transport the couple on the day. On the other hand there are alternative arrangements a much cheaper and quicker service is available which is the reception and registry office. ...read more.


The bride normally wears the white clothing dress as you might see in most Christian weddings. The bride is given away by her farther, in the matter if a farther is not present her uncle or other members of her family can perform this task. The groom traditionally wears a black suit as all men wears suits. The groom will be accompanied by a pre-selected best man who will oversee the wedding on the day, he will be responsible for the rings and may prepare a speech regarding his best friend or in this case the groom. The vows are one of the most important things in a wedding. It is traditional because you have to legally say 'I do' like everyone else is weddings and you are expressing in words ...read more.


Rings are significance because it is a symbol of unity and is usually used in Christians weddings. A register may be in Christians weddings because to legally declare the couple being married and is put into a legal document, The witnesses are normally two people hearing the vows being made, Plus they have to sign the register to certify their presence and a impediment may b ne married or a close relative. Matthew 19:9 "I say to you, whoever divorces his wife (unless the marriage is unlawful) and marries another commits adultery.". I have picked this vow out because I want to express what Mathews opinion was on marriage and divorce. You might want a bible reading for a wedding because it is always good to listen to what other people's opinion is so that the couple wont make any mistakes. ...read more.

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