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Christianity and Capital Punishment

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Capital Punishment In my essay I am going to explain what differing Christian attitudes might be to Capital Punishment and look at the statement " God gives life only God can take it away." Question 1 The subject of capital punishment is a complicated one because there are many reasons for and against capital punishment. One reason for capital punishment is that it deters( puts off ) potential murderers. Some people in our society only understand the language of violence. For these people the threat of the death penalty is the only deterrence likely to affect the way they behave. Although this could create martyrs. Amnesty international is a company against the death penalty here is one of there quotes ' Capital Punishment is the ultimate cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment which violates the right to live...' The basic right of any human is the right to live and practising the death penalty is violating that right. A very good reason against capital punishment is that in the past the wrong person has been hanged, Arthur Koestler supports this reason when he said 'Innocent men have been hanged and will be hanged in the future unless the death penalty is abolished...'. Two examples of what Arthur Koestler said are the hangings of Timothy Evans and Derrick Bentley both of these men were wrongfully accused and hanged because of it. Some Christians believe in giving people a second chance so therefore they must abolish any punishment that doesn't involve giving people second chances. ...read more.


The purposes of capital punishment are fairly wide, the most frequent purpose has been to dispose of the countries enemies, and this form of capital punishment is a practise which has gone on for thousands of years. Even though capital punishment has been abolished here in Britain for more than 30 years one crime can still be punished by death - High Treason. Today the most common purpose of capital punishment is to punish individuals for serious crimes they have committed against one or more other individuals. A purpose for capital punishment is that it protects civilians and police, Society has a duty to protect those in the front line in the fight against crime, such as police officers, prison officers and so on it must also protect those who are vulnerable and unable able to protect themselves such as children and old people. I have some difficulty knowing what I think about this subject. On the one hand I think that capital punishment should be practised in our society because it can deter criminals from crime. Whereas, it could also be said that in the past the wrong person has been hanged this is why I disagree with capital punishment. Some Christians believe that capital punishment is wrong , they believe this because there are many references in the bible which disagree with capital punishment, Jesus says 'love thy neighbour' so by practising capital punishment in the society it is disagreeing with this statement. ...read more.


The atrocities that are going on in the world involving murder are too big to be resolved with jail that is why capital punishment is a good idea. On the other hand God put men on the earth not to retaliate when someone does something wrong. Ghandi said ' An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth therefore if this was so everyone in the world would be blind and toothless' he makes a good point in saying that every time someone was hurt by someone else and the same was done to that person then the world would be full of hurt people. When God put people on this earth I don't think he intended for people to start killing each other and if he knew this then I don't think he would have put people on the earth. In the creed it says ' We believe in one God, the father the almighty, maker of heaven and earth, of all that is seen and unseen...' here people are saying are prayer saying they believe in God only they know he created heaven and earth and man they know he see's everything that we do but yet murders and other atrocities are still taking place on earth. Overall I have differing attitudes towards this statement now that I have looked at all the points for and against it. I do believe in capital punishment even though I also have reasons against capital punishment as well as reasons. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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