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Christianity And Euthanasia

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Christianity And Euthanasia The term euthanasia comes from the Greek word for "easy death". It is one of the most public policy issues being debated about today. Formally called mercy killing, euthanasia is the act of purposely making or helping someone die, instead of allowing nature to take its course. Euthanasia can be voluntary, passive, and active, positive. Voluntary- Involves a request by the dying patient or legal representative Passive-Involves nothing to prevent death Active-Giving a lethal dose of toxicant to cause death Positive-Taking deliberate action to cause a death Christians believe that "We are made in the image of God" and therefore human life is god's gift to us and is uniquely precious, we are not the owners of life, but its minders. We belong to God because he made us, Christians follow this belief, so they do not believe in suicide and assisted dying. ...read more.


A church that presents a none absolute view on euthanasia are the Quakers. They do not have a definite view. Most Quakers however do not support euthanasia "It would not be easy deciding to switch off a life support machine; most Quakers would probably feel this might be the right thing to do" Some Quakers however oppose euthanasia because they say that because of their peace testimony they do not see violence or the taking of life as a problem solving methods because euthanasia is the taking of life and it goes against their peace testimony so they see this as wrong. Other Quakers would say that if people for each other, offer proper support and pain relief, euthanasia should not be needed therefore this could be used against euthanasia because euthanasia is not there give pain control but to end a life therefore ending pain completely. ...read more.


Therefore situation ethics can be used to support euthanasia. Christians except the view that there is a time to die, they may instead bring up the teaching of "Free Will" that supports euthanasia. Free will is for some Christians, it is very important because it is one of the things that make us unique from animals, the ability to make our own choices and decision about our own lives Therefore these Christians believe that we have the right to use free will whenever we want even for perhaps the most important decision of our lives, whether we are going to go on living to end our lives. Another teaching which supports this view is the teaching from genesis that God gave man domination over everything, from this Christians can see that they have a responsibility to use God's gift to the full and some Christians may see euthanasia as the more loving thing to do to use another person's suffering. ...read more.

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