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Christianity And Transplantation

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Christianity And Transplantation In humans there are two types of transplant surgery, the first one is cadaver donor- this type of transplant takes organs from a dead person and is concerned with organs that a living person could not stay alive without e.g. Heart. The second uses organs from a living person that the donor can liv without but is vital to the recipient such as bone marrow. Christians would say that transplanting organs can violate the sanctity of life as all life belongs to God and only God has the right to give and take life as all life belongs to God and only god has the right to give and take life. ...read more.


individual body have been created specifically by God and should not be placed in another's body as God has designed everything and everyone for a reason. Also transplant surgery causes a trade in human's organs and many Christians are apprehensive with the moral issue of this. Another reason for their opposition is that heart transplants require the heart to be removed before it causes to beat and this raises the question of "When someone is dead". They also question whether or not surgeons who have a patient desperate for a transplant will work to the best of their ability to save the life of a potential donor. ...read more.


However these Christians object to rich people and surgeons, in MEDC'S buying organs from the poor. This is because Christians who believe in the immorality of the soul believe that the body is not needed after death and therefore its organs can be used to help the living. Christians, who believe in resurrection, believe st.pauls words that the body will be transformed and the resurrection body will not need physical organs. Jesus told Christians that they should love their neighbours and does unto others as they would have done unto them and these both justify transplants. ...read more.

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