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Christianity cannot hope to survive in the 21st century unless the denominations unite to form one church.

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Becky Lown 11B Christian worship-evaluation essay "Christianity cannot hope to survive in the 21st century unless the denominations unite to form one church." I do not fully agree with this statement, although the church may have problems to start these could be easily overcome. The idea of having one ecumenical church although means all the churches being one together again would not necessarily work. St Paul's ecumenical centre in Thames mead, although it is lots of different denominations celebrating together, at the same time, the denominations are not and look like they will not be able to celebrate the mass completely together as the Anglican churches would not be able to receive communion with the Roman Catholic church, so this is not really ecumenical, although it is an improvement from how the church used to be. ...read more.


This is an example of churches, which have managed to survive separately yet join together to help young people and people in the community. I think that although many people want the church to join together and become one united church that this would not work as there are so many different views within each denomination already that to join all the denominations together would just result in the church splitting again because of all the different views and opinions which would occur and the arguments which would happen. Although all the churches have one belief in God and Jesus Christ, there are many separated views on matters such as abortion, female ministers, marriage of priest etc. ...read more.


I think all of these could of will be unresolved problems if the churches were to unite as, many churches would not see eye to eye on many issues and these would not be able to be compromised or changed so that all the churches agree. So although the churches joining ecumenically to become one united church is a good idea in theory it would not work, the church is more likely to survive with many individual denominations than one large denomination which would cause many problems, So I think that the church will survive through the 21st century as separate denominations, it already survived 10 centuries as separate denominations so it will easily be able to survive another 10 as separate churches which can unite at times when needed to. ...read more.

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