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Christianity's answer to evil

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Christianity's answer to evil Creation is, essentially and irrefutably, good. It is God's handiwork. Some might puzzle, however, at the idea that God's handiwork has also brought about all the evil that can be witnessed around the world today. There is not even the prospect in the near future that unintended fires will stop killing innocent children, or well-meaning people will cease to get massacred by despotic rulers. Innocent people suffer, even on this very day, from the evil that is so pungently existent in this society. It's official; there is evil in this world, a world that God has single-handedly created. Should we despise God for this? Should we start to refuse to believe in the world with the realization of this? To answer the question before anything else, there is no substantiation nor grounds to conclude in rejecting or denying the world simply because there is evil in the world. God has a devised plan and purpose behind his works, and a meaning that gives us the convictional guideline to work within his conceptions. With this firmly set in our minds, it would be the correct disposition to observe what evil actually is, what our misconceptions of evil are, and why there is so much evil in society. ...read more.


As rain falls on everyone, and not just on the guilty, God can not alter the way of entirety to selectively do the righteous good. 2. Taking risks is inevitable in order to experience the joys. 3. A person who has undergone the suffering can in turn use this experience to help others. 4. Much of the suffering can be attributed to the fact that we have chosen the paths along the branches God has given us freedom to choose from. As can be witnessed in everyday life, evil comes regardless. No single person lives without hardship, although the intensity does differ from one person to another. An individual experiences it, and so does a whole nation. The world as a whole is experiencing it in a sense, especially nowadays when many cultures of the different races are so intricately close. The Bible tries to solve these questions in a way that ultimately leaves us in hope and faith rather than despair that such evil has befallen us. If we were to use the inauspicious experience as a guideline to help others, the suffering we have experienced will ultimately benefit the society as a whole. ...read more.


a football game, but rather an active participant who understands that words or events in the Bible are in relation to our own situations. The varying purposes a person may look through the Bible, in addition to the hundreds of different versions of the Bible available today, makes some of the messages somewhat ambiguous to the different readers, and leads to misinterpretations that could hinder the original message conveyed to us. In other words, the exact meaning of the text is sometimes not clear to the translators, which can create many problems. Even though they are clearly experts in their field, these Biblical scholars often find themselves "far from certain about the meaning intended by the Holy Spirit, the primary Author of Scripture" (Burton L. Goddard, member of Committee on Bible Translation) Brown deals with such an issue, and many more directly related to the Christian belief, and it has been of much help personally. Much of the doubts and wavering regarding God and his words have been expunged through careful reading of the textbook. His explanations, detailed though in some cases too specific in their allegories, have been helpful in ascertaining the validity and relevance of the scriptures to my life. ...read more.

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