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Christians and Divorce,

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Christians and divorce Christians and Divorce, Western society in general has accepted divorce as a normal thing and does not treat divorced people as out casts anymore. This in turn seems to make it 'ok' to get divorced. Additionally, the influence of the Church, which overall still sees divorce as a last resort, has diminished more and more over the last few decades and therefore has to open up more and more to modern ways of thinking if it wants to be seen as tolerant and modern. The Queen of Great Britain is Head of the Church of England and three of her four children are divorced. This too might encourage people to see divorce as more normal and many people look up to the Royal Family and see them as role models. ...read more.


People who are religious are less likely to get a divorce than those who don't really have a connection with a religion because they don't feel bound by the religious values and ethics of marriage. Also religious people may have additional support by being a member of a religious community and going to a church and may be less likely to be affected by the stresses of every day life. Within Christianity there are differing approaches to divorced people, for example in the Catholic faith, divorced people are not able to get remarried again in church but this is not the case for other faiths within the Christian religion. Non Christians and Divorce, Non Christians feel it less of a problem to get divorced, as they don't have strict religious guidelines on marriage to stick to. ...read more.


However this is not the case and this could be because of one of two reasons. First that the parents of the couple have chosen really wisely, thinking about how their children will get on with potential new partners, or it could be that because the parents have chosen the future husband or wife, when things do go wrong the couple do not want to upset their parents or their community by getting a divorce as this would be seen as shameful. I believe that more help should be made available to those experiencing difficulties because divorce can be a very devastating experience for those going through it and the support could help couples work through their problems. Divorce seems to be an easy way out of a marriage; it should only be a last resort for anyone. ...read more.

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