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Christians and Persecution.

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Marks Gospel A iii Option 2 Christians and Persecution In Mark's Gospel it shows that Jesus was persecuted in many forms; rejection, threats, mockery and being arrested, this ended up as death. Persecution still happens in the less developed world of today in countries like Egypt, China, Pakistan and parts of Indonesia. The main persecutions Jesus suffered in Mark's Gospel were; threats Jesus reacted by feeling angry but as soon as he looked around he changed his anger to sorrow. When he was being treated he carried on normally and ignored them. This is a good example for Christians today because it teaches us to change are first thoughts and have sympathy for others. Another example is the rejection this was when Jesus was on his way back home with his disciples and on the Sabbath started to teach in the synagogue. Jesus said "Prophets are respected everywhere except in their own town by relatives and family. ...read more.


This teaches us not to argue or make fun of some one for whatever reason but just accept it. Jesus accepted it as he believed it was what he was called to do. Jesus is a good example for Christians today in Egypt, Pakistan, china and parts of Indonesia. The way in which he coped with threats, rejection, mockery unfair treatment and death. A i Persecution of Christians in Rome by Nero Rome was burnt down in the great fire of July 64, this destroyed the majority of the city. Nero was the emperor of Rome at this time, he was unpopular, and some considered Nero 'mad'. He found the accusation made matters worse for him. He deflect the attention of the people away from what a bad emperor he was and he could be good by showing he was dealing in the situation in hand. ...read more.


After it was discovered that the Christians were not involved in the fire the number of Christians grew dramatically across Asia. Nero inflicted racism upon the Christians at the time because they were weak and different. A ii Marks Gospel and Persecution Mark wrote his gospel for many reasons, he wants to give the people, the Greeks, and other members of the Roman Empire an accurate account of Jesus' life, and he could also show Jesus he cared for him. Mark also added to this how he had lived his life as a disciple. Mark was different to the other four gospel writers because he aimed his gospel at the non- Jewish suffers. The new disciples were going through times of Lordship Mark encouraged them by giving examples of Peter. One example is when the disciples failed to do their duty to Jesus, was the denial of Peter on the night before Jesus died after the last super. ...read more.

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