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Christians believe strongly in world equality, as they feel that they have a responsibility to care for the poor and needy. These responsibilities are based upon the five key Christian ideas

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Religious Education Coursework Topic 9 - Religion, Poverty and Wealth TASK 1 Christians believe strongly in world equality, as they feel that they have a responsibility to care for the poor and needy. These responsibilities are based upon the five key Christian ideas 1. Stewardship Genesis (1: 28 - 31) In this story God creates Adam and Eve. He builds a beautiful house and a beautiful garden with trees laden with ripe and delicious fruit for them to live in. 'Pick the fruit and eat it freely,' God told them, 'but do not eat the fruit from the tree in the middle as it is evil, and if eaten you will die.' One day a cunning snake persuaded Eve to eat a piece of fruit from the forbidden tree. After much persuasion Eve reluctantly took the fruit and ate it. God was furious that someone would go against his word, so he banished Adam and Eve from the beautiful house with the beautiful garden, and out into the human world. The moral of this story is to not go against God's word. One of God's teachings is 'Love thy neighbour', by Christians helping poverty suffering communities around the world, then they are 'loving thy neighbour'. ...read more.


She now had no one to care or provide for her. Jesus walked over and placed his hands on the boy, 'Young man, get up.' he demanded. The boy shot up, 'Who are you and what's happening?' Jesus took the boy to his mother as the crowd gazed in awe. The crowd did not know who Jesus was, but they saw God's love and kindness in all that he did and recognized that God was working through him to help everyone in need. This story has taught Christians to care for poor people whom religious leaders ignore and despise. TASK 2 Although there are many parables within the Bible, teaching the word of God and his expectations; there is no point if a Christian will only read the parable and not act upon the moral. This means they are not 'helping thy neighbour'. But there are many Christian based charities set up to help combat poverty. One such organisation is called 'Christian Aid'. Although the name may be misleading, Christian Aid does not purely help Christians, but many of the poverty stricken people around the world. In Africa alone 500,000 people die of TB every year. ...read more.


If this is to be true, then the statement is incorrect when perceived through a Christian perspective. If the statement was true and people followed its moral, then many world wide problems would escalate. Poverty stricken villages are filled with people of the same religion. Who would help these people if this statement was true? I feel that it is a human duty to help others around you, despite their colour, creed, religion, finical terms or way of life. Helping people in need (regardless if on a local, national or global scale) can also send a positive and influential messages to others who wish to follow in that person's footsteps. By helping other religions and coloured groups, it creates a varied multicultural society, that can learn from other religions and practices. Without this knowledge of other creeds or lifestyles, we would probably live a very basic life and not be introduced to a colourful and more attractive way of living. Overall I feel that this statement is incorrect as it goes against many Christian concepts, and also many other religious concepts. The simple commandment 'Love thy neighbour' shows that this statement is untrue to many people, and regardless of someone's colour, creed, religion, finical matter, living prospect or lifestyle any human being would freely help a person in need. ...read more.

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