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Christians believe that life is sacred. Therefore they feel that they should show responsibility towards life.

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R.S Coursework Christians believe that life is sacred. Therefore they feel that they should show responsibility towards life. If something is sacred it is connected with or dedicated to God. Genesis 1 tells Christians that life comes from God and human beings are made in Gods image. It says that humans are special and God made the world for humans before He created them. In Exodus 20:13 the commandments deal with how you live your life in relationship to God, and with other people. Many Christians use the commandments to support their views. However, the passage does not tell us whether it is right or wrong to say that life begins at conception. Psalm 139:13-16 says that God maps out our lives and He has decided when we will die not us. Each new human is a wonderful creation. God has worked out a role in life so we should not prematurely end any life. In Luke12 Jesus got across the point that God cares for us. We should respect God, as He is the one who will judge our lives. Christian baptism marks the beginning of eternal life. ...read more.


Protestants think it is OK to a greater evil. For example abortion is all right if a girl has been raped. Christians for Free Choice think if it feels right then you should go ahead and do it. Roman Catholics feel it is strictly wrong and are entirely against it. They may argue against it for many reasons. The unborn child is alive from the moment of conception and has the right to live. If abortions are easily obtained they may be used as another form of contraception. Many couples would welcome the chance to adopt an unwanted baby. Furthermore, there are physical and mental risks for a woman who has an abortion. Psalm 139:13-16 and Luke 1:44 both back up the Roman Catholic opinion by saying that life begins in the womb. Many people argue in favour of abortion, however, saying that a woman has the right to choose what happens to her body. Some Christians may follow in Jesus' footsteps and be compassionate to those who suffer. These people might accept abortion. Others may seek to protect the vulnerable and might want to prevent a helpless unborn baby being aborted. ...read more.


We are a special gift from God that should be valued and appreciated. Christians should always fight for justice and should feel responsible towards it. Other Christians are against influencing others as everyone is entitled to their own opinion as long as no one gets hurt or offended. We do not have the right to impose our view on others. Secondly, God with Free Will created human beings. This means we have the freedom to act right and obey rules or act wrong and disobey them. Another reason is that Jesus taught and encouraged people to think more about their actions. He did not write out a list of instructions so we should not force other Christians to do things. Lastly many things in their lives guide Christians. For example the Bible teaches about other Christians and the Church. However, Christians also have an individual relationship and conscience with God. This means a Christian can make their own decisions about issues like euthanasia and abortion. Also Christians will respect the decisions of non-Christians. In conclusion I think that all Christians are different and have different opinions. We should respect anyone's point of view so I do think it is wrong for Christians to influence others. No one should be forced to think anything, as we are all individuals. James Noton 11G ...read more.

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