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Christians believe that wealth can be good sometimes but it can also be evil.

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GCSE R.S COURSEWORK (a) (i) Christians believe that wealth can be good sometimes but it can also be evil. Earning money through hard work, lawful and moral means is acceptable to gain money. They believe that it is a gift from and God and is not solely theirs. ...read more.


Christians believe that money is not just for ones benefit but for sharing for others. In 2 Corinthians 9.7 it says "God is pleased when a person gives to others cheerfully." This tells a Christaina that they should give to others without having any recentment or neglect. ...read more.


This tells Christaians that they should not just help those in ones community or give to those who love. Christians should give to others even if they are not found of those people. In 1 John 3. 17-18 it says "rich people must put their love into action to help others if they really want to serve God." This teaches Christians that it is not enough just to talk about servinbg God. It should be backed up with practical action. ...read more.

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