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"Christians cannot justify spending so much on Church Buildings, when the world has more urgent needs". In this writing, I will be saying why people may agree or disagree with this statement, and how I feel about the situation.

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Palace or place? "Christians cannot justify spending so much on Church Buildings, when the world has more urgent needs". In this writing, I will be saying why people may agree or disagree with this statement, and how I feel about the situation. More and more Churches are needing restoration, but the cost of maintaining them is increasing. Some people feel that spending money on this work is worth it, and is needed. Why do they think this? Because Church is a place of safety, refuge, commitment, love, beauty, thankfulness, grace, community and glory to God. For a Church to be all of these things you need most importantly the community - for love, commitment, thankfulness, grace, beauty and glory to God; however, for a place of safety and refuge, and a place to carry out all of the above, you need a Church that has been well maintained. For example, in times of natural disaster, the church should be a safe place to go. Parents should be confident that when their children are at the church they are in a controlled environment where they will be safe. When a person needs help, prayer, a quiet place, or just a friend, the church should always be there. A person needs to feel comfortable in Church. ...read more.


On the other hand, a poorly designed sanctuary can inhibit the worship experience. When we use a space for a purpose other than what it was intended for, it is difficult to create the results we should have. For example, if you use a gym for a worship service, you will probably find that the sounds and the lighting are not designed for that kind of service. In fact, you may find that the behaviour of the audience will begin to reflect the type of space being used. Instead of the respectful and orderly behaviour we should have in a worship service, you may find that people will do things during a service that they would never do in a sanctuary. The building is a teaching tool for children and new Christians. The sanctuary is for worship, the classrooms are for study, and the playgrounds are for having fun. Each space, if designed for its intended purpose, and should enhance each activity, making it much more enjoyable and rewarding, as well as distinguishing the church from other 'normal' places. The Church community is a family, and the Church building is that family's home. The church building provides the same kind of security and feeling of home to a congregation that the home provides to a family. ...read more.


We can have a service anywhere - in the local caf´┐Ż if necessary - as long as it is a praying community of love for one another, and the Holy Trinity, it doesn't matter where the service is actually held. We can spend the saved money on helping to restore the rest of the world, before restoring a building. In my opinion, both of the above sides are correct. We do need to help the needy, but we also need a Church. On balance, I think that we should spend a balanced amount of money on the Church building - maintaining it and restoring what needs to be restored. If the Church is located in a city or big town with many people, then I think that a Church is a perfect place for a gym/pool/library. If they are not situated in the Church, or on the Church site, they will still be built elsewhere - still spending the money, so it might aswell be at the Church. It will encourage more people to attend, and it gives people many new opportunities. I think that a Church building is a very important part of a community, and money should be spent on it to make it a great place - which is what it should be - a great place! I don't think that a Church needs to be a Palace, but it does need to be a place of God! Hannah Voice ...read more.

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