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Christians go on pilgrimage to experience where Jesus lived, where he created his miracles and where he spent the last days of his life.

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Christians go on pilgrimage to experience where Jesus lived, where he created his miracles and where he spent the last days of his life. Most religious pilgrimages are to the Holy Land, which are Jerusalem, Nazareth and Israel. The ultimate Holy Land visit would usually last for two weeks and nearly every place in the Bible would be visited. It is sometimes called 'living - Bible - Walking." A Christian place of pilgrimage could possibly be Nazareth and the Church Of the Annunciation on the site where the angel appeared to Mary. Josephs carpenter shop and the home of Mary, Joseph and Jesus is a popular pilgrim area also. Religious Christians could then proceed to Sepphoris where Jesus and Joseph must of worked, and then on to Cana where Jesus performed his first miracle, which was turning water into wine at the Wedding Feast. Where Jesus was baptised is also popular. ...read more.


Some Christians even see much of Classical Rome, including the Coliseum, Constantine's Arch, the Roman Forum, the Circus Maximus where Christians were martyred at the games, the capitol hill and the Mamertine Prison where the Apostles Peter and Paul were held prisoner. Many pilgrims visit The Garden Of Gethsemane which is at the foot of The Mount Of Olives, this is special because it was where Jesus knelt on the night he was arrested. Some Christians go on pilgrimage because they can understand and it makes it clearer for them how Jesus lived when he was a member of human kind. Christians can also go on pilgrimage because they feel it is their duty to God to go to the Holy Land. Some Christians may even go because they believe that God has called them. There are trips by special pilgrimage Tour Companies and many people sometimes come together to experience the pilgrimage with other serious Christians. ...read more.


Also being with people who have the same eagerness towards God could be an enlightening experiance i feel. Other people believe that going to the Holy Land just crowds the area and make it less special and Holy. They think that it ruins the environment and the peaceful surroundings of where Jesus once lived. They think that being in your local church and praying has the same effect as if you were on pilgrimage and in a Holy Country. They believe that it isn't important to go on pilgrimage and Christians can create the same closeness with God with the Christian community at home. Most Christians believe that going on pilgrimage is important for understanding in more depth where Jesus once prayed and worked when he was a boy. They feel a special closeness when being in the Holy Land and they feel it is a once in a lifetime experience that all Christians should experience. ...read more.

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