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Christians Often Speak Of The Sanctity Of Life - What do they mean by this?

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Christians often speak of the sanctity of life. What do they mean by this? Introduction In this essay I will be looking at the sanctity of life from a Christian's point of view. This is not the same as anyone's point of view. The reasons why Christians see life as such a sacred gift is all to do with their beliefs. They do not abuse or waste their lives as they see it as a most precious gift from God, and their mortal lives are an opportunity for them to prove themselves worthy of everlasting life which the can achieve through belief in God's son Jesus. ...read more.


Some of these things may be seen as positive i.e. scientists genetically engineering genes to prevent birth defects, others negative such as capital punishment, some undecided such as euthanasia. In today's society any thing seems to go and more and more thing are passable. Some people may think that Christian views are outdated and non relevant to the diverse world we live in today. But Christians will always have strong foundations upon which they cast their moral judgements; these will always be distinctive and true to their beliefs, especially when they are concerning life choices. This is because Christians do not base their views on personal preference or what may be easiest for them, but on the bible and Jesus' teaching. ...read more.


As the old saying goes 'you don't look a gift horse in the mouth' Christians do as much as they can not only to appreciate life, but bear with it when times are tough. They aim to see the good in it even when this may seem impossible, and do not give up. Christians do not agree with murder or suicide as they feel man plays no part in the giving or taking of life and shouldn't be able to dictate the fate of his or his fellow man's faith (euthanasia and abortion are not accepted for the same reasons). To conclude, Christians believe that life is sacred and man is blessed to have received it, and he who abuses it is going against the wishes of God and proving himself unfit to enter the kingdom of heaven. ...read more.

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