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Christians should leave active rather contemplative lives

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'Christians Should Lead Active Rather Contemplative Lives' An active life is a life that involves Christians doing the work of God in the world. A Contemplative life is a life that focuses on prayer and meditation of the word of God, that's within an enclosed community. Some Christians argue that Christians should lead an active life because: - 'That in the early Christian Church the leaders had stressed that action had a lot of importance.' The leaders are trying to emplace that the work of God has more importance than understanding the whole thing. 'When Jesus chose his disciples, he chose them to go out to be actively involved within the world.' This emplaces that Jesus wanted people to actively do the work of God and spread it fast and to everyone else, whilst in a contemplative life you would study in a enclosed environment allowing no one to no the word of God. ...read more.


'Jesus taught the two main commandments are 'love your neighbour and love God' to illustrate of neighbour the parable of the God Samaritan-one individual loving another.' This shows that God wanted us to act and help but not to sit and preach the preached words already but by studying in depth. In conclusion an active life would involve people caring and loving each other and spreading what we believe in God. Some Christians argue that contemplative life is the right type of life: - 'Silent prayer or contemplation gives Christians the opportunity to search for God. If we fill our heads with noise we will be unable to achieve that interior silence which enables us to hear the voice of God.' ...read more.


'In any mission appeal in churches, missionaries ask for primarily prayer not money. They believe they cannot continue their work without the prayer of the whole church.' This shows that action can not be complete since pray is required to ask for Gods help. Also money doesn't help as much as pray for God to perhaps ask the Holy Spirit to help with its presences. In conclusion completive life's require pray and concentration on God preachments however it doesn't help the unfortunate. The strongest arguments for an active life would be:- 'That in the early Christian Church the leaders had stressed that action had a lot of importance.' This strong because the leaders closet to the understanding of Jesus were stressing that Jesus want us to go out and act in a friendly way of helping everyone. ?? ?? ?? ?? Warren John Niles, R.E., Mr McGowan, Coursework ...read more.

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