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"Christians should try to overcome their differences ad unite." Do you agree? Give reasons to support your answer to show you have thought about different points of view.

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Section C "Christians should try to overcome their differences ad unite." Do you agree? Give reasons to support your answer to show you have thought about different points of view. First of all I am going to give my opinion and why I think this. Then I will consider the other side of the argument to show that I understand different points of view. I disagree with the statement because at the moment there are too many differences of opinion in Christian beliefs for the different groups to unite. Events in the past such as the Great Schism 1378-1417 are proof that arguments would occur if Christians were to unite because this is exactly what happened in the past. However although Christians have many different opinions they have tried to compromise. In 1948 the World Council of Churches was founded, this is a worldwide organisation of many different churches. The organisation discusses a variety of issues and have made great progress towards Christian unity. However I do not think they will unite because although the different groups are willing to listen to the opinions of others, they stick to their own views and beliefs. ...read more.


Other Churches don't respect Mary as much as this. Other Churches also don't believe that Mary was a Virgin and that Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit, unlike Roman Catholics who believe this. Another reason why uniting would not work is because of sacraments. The Catholic Church has seven sacraments while most other Christian churches only have two, the Salvation Army doesn't have any sacraments. If Christians were to unite arguments would occur because church groups believe their sacraments are very important and would not be willing to change. They would be unwilling to "forget their differences." Lots of Christian groups have been putting their beliefs into practice for a long time and therefore would be unwilling to change what they believe. For example Salvationists have been putting their beliefs into practice since the late 1800s. If Christians united they might have to change their ways and may not agree with this. This would cause arguments and disputes. However some Christians may argue that because all Christians believe in Jesus they should "forget their differences and try to unite." ...read more.


All Christians believe in Christ and his teachings, they all believe in basically the same thing apart from a few disagreements. Christians agree on ore things than they disagree on. All Church denominations are taught that Christians should love one another so therefore the different groups should be united rather than separated. Also, Jesus founded only one church, he wanted there to be only one church. He didn't want it to split up and he didn't want lots of disputes ad arguments, I know this because Jesus prayed to his father asking that his followers would be united. He appointed Peter to be the head of the church, one church, but now there are so many and Jesus didn't want this. So I do understand why some people might want all of the churches to be united once more. Other reasons are that unity would be good for Ecumenical movement and also that unity would make Christianity grow and go from strength to strength. However regardless of this, I still disagree with the statement because unity would cause for too many unnecessary disputes. Because there are too many differences of opinion and belief the past would be likely to repeat itself as a result. 1 ...read more.

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