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"Christians today are not prepared to suffer as Jesus did" Do you agree? Give reasons for your opinion, showing that you have considered another point of view. Your answer should refer to Mark's Gospel.

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(b) "Christians today are not prepared to suffer as Jesus did" Do you agree? Give reasons for your opinion, showing that you have considered another point of view. Your answer should refer to Mark's Gospel. Well for me I need to look for both before deciding whether or not I agree with statement. To start I feel that there are not as many fully committed Christians nowadays so people do not know what to do when they face a type of persecution. You may say that we do not know our true faith until it is tested. But how do we know when were being tested? In earlier times, like for Jesus, it was clear when he was being tested and he made the correct choice by putting faith in his beliefs, but in these days we never hear of miracles from God, or that in our society today, faith is not a major issue for Christians, so we do not face persecution that much. ...read more.


Jesus was sent to earth for us to follow his example, and by giving into persecution we are not following Jesus' example. He suffered for us, and if we are given the choice of taking the easy way out or standing up to our faith, we should do what Jesus did and believe. Apart from Jesus we should be following other Christian examples like the disciples or quite recently, Mother Teresa and all the other nuns. They followed the word of the lord and help many people in the meantime and they faced persecution and suffering. Persecution, like Jesus, because of what he believed by others who mock the church and also suffering. This is not to the same degree as Jesus but they had and have to live without many things other people couldn't. Personal possessions and the type of restricted like they may live. ...read more.


People who stand up to what they believe gain more respect for speaking out even if others don't agree. Jesus opposed the law, which the elders did not agree with but, they impressed by his strength of what he believed. He didn't do these things to show people he was God but, as a human being, what he could achieve. Doing things, which others could also achieve. And by suffering, he showed what would happen by facing persecution but there again, by rising again and going up to heaven, he showed us how we could be rewarded. What would we gain from our losses? I think that Christian's are not prepared to suffer as Jesus did. This is because, following their faith and trusting their faith, would show them, the great rewards that would be given to them. But its not the rewards they would be gaining but also the knowledge that they have done something good and worth while. Something that Jesus himself would of done. ...read more.

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