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Christmas has passed on through over two thousand years.

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Christmas Christmas has passed on through over two thousand years. It is the festival that celebrates the birth of Jesus. Before Christmas was celebrated there was another festival that was celebrated which was called 'the pagan festival'. At the time of this festival all the villagers would get together and forget all the problems and all the things that have happened in the past and exchange presents and all have a great time. Christians celebrate in many different ways. An advent calendar is used to make sure that Christians are prepared 4 weeks before the main festival. ...read more.


While the modern things associated with Christmas are Christmas trees, holy, mistletoe, stockings and presents est. Christmas trees were brought up from the time on the Viking origin. Evergreen trees were good trees for Christmas because they can keep there leaves through winter. The same was true of holly berries and mistletoe. Trees now have stars on the top of them so it can represent an symbol of the Jesus' death. These day the reason why people sing Christmas carols is so the people of the village can sit down and remember the birth of Jesus Christ. ...read more.


it the same thing as us giving presents to our friends and family. People who are not part of the Christian community normally end up celebrating by them invited to friends parties and where they can have a good time even though they are not part of it and where they can exchange presents. Overall Christmas is celebrated because of the birth of Jesus. As me being an Indian it does not effect me In any way because it is a time of happiness and having a great time. Even though I do not eat meat I still have a very nice time during the festival of Christmas because I get a lot of presents and I do not have to do anything. ...read more.

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