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Chrsitianity resources

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Chrsitianity resources When we look at the distribution of wealth in our world we very clearly see two huge extremes. Statistics show 25% of the world's population are currently living in the North, or developed world, and having 80% of the world's wealth, whereas the other 75% of the population who live in the South or developing world have the remaining 20% of the world's wealth. Is this fair? Those who live in the North or developed world have a huge number of advantages over those who live in the South, as well as more money, a longer life expectancy, better education opportunities, good health care and an income that is on average 20% higher than the income of those in the South. We all know that massive differences between places like this are not right and something should be done. I did some research on the Internet, discovering that Switzerland is one of the richest countries in financial income, with an income of $30,270. In a poorer country such as Sudan this is much less. The poverty in a world is relative to the place that you live. For example, living in Sudan a person earning �500 per year may be thought of as rich, but to our standards this would be extremely poor and certainly not enough to live on. ...read more.


CAFOD is not a Catholic specific charity and will help all who are in need. There are a large number of charities like CAFOD, which are set up to help those who lack many basic needs we take for granted. There are many bible quotes that tell us how our attitudes should be to charity. Matthew 6: 2-3 says: "When you give to a needy person do not make a big show of it, as the hypocrites do... do it in such a way that even your closest friend will not know about it". This is showing how you should not make a show of the things that you are doing, for if you are only doing so because you wish for people to see and see how good you are, then this would be the wrong reason. In Matthew 6: 17-18 the following words are spoken about fasting: "When you go without food, wash your face and comb your hair, so that others cannot know that you are fasting - only your Father. And your Father will reward you". I believe that what is meant by this is that we shall be rewarded for what we do on Earth, and even if our good deeds are not seen by everybody, we do not need to brag about them and let people know how good you are being, for God sees all and he will reward you in heaven for the good you have done on Earth. ...read more.


Where we live does not matter, it isn't relative to how much help we need from others. People may think that poverty is relative and that not everybody in the "poorer" countries is extremely poor, and that the richer residents of these countries should try to help those in poorer countries, those who don't know where they may get their next meal. And why should we help people in other countries when there must be people in their own country that are able to give them the help they need. There are those who think that if we aid countries which need help then this will stop them from working for themselves, and make them just sit back and expect everything to be done for them. I believe that people wouldn't do this and that everybody who needs help should receive it from others. Another reason Christians may think those in other countries should be helped is that in helping others, they can spread the word of God and his love and kindness throughout the population of the world, and not just to those in their own country. In conclusion, I disagree with the statement and think that anybody that needs help should be given it, I also believe that we should support as many charities as we feel the need to, as nobody would get anywhere if we were selective about whom we chose to help and whom we didn't. This would not be a fair way to do things. ...read more.

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