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comment on how the advertising campaign you have reviewed promotes the concerns and ideology of the Commission for Racial Equality.

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The Commission For Racial Equality Analyse and comment on how the advertising campaign you have reviewed promotes the concerns and ideology of the Commission for Racial Equality. The C.R.E is an organisation created to promote an awareness of racism in our society, education system and work places. They aim to create a just and integrated community in the UK where diversity is appreciated. They raise awareness by educating the ignorant public on racism and prejudice happening right before their eyes, to do this, they use advertising in flyers which have a minimal yet effective affect on the viewer. They also advise employers, local authorities and others on how to avoid discrimination and encourage equality. The Commision for Racial Equality is a publicly funded business making it a charity. Any sponsorship towards the charity is very much appreciated as it can then go on to help abolish racism and injustice in Britain. Injustice, according to the dictionary, is classed as 'an unjust or unfair act' However, injustice has a lot more depth to it than just doing something that is wrong, in a sense. Racism takes many different forms, many people and institutions are racist too, although institutional racism is hard to detect, as it is covert, it still exists. ...read more.


It uses the triptych form to show three separate black and white pictures of school children, most likely teenagers from ethnic minorities, who are battered, beaten and bruised; in this case due to bullying influenced by racial discrimination. The writing is in bold, black, capital letters; this gives a shocking, eye-catching image for the audience to view. The use of black and white triptych and black capital lettering is part of the house style for the CRE. This makes it recognisable to somebody reading the flyer. A sarcastic tone also runs throughout the campaign, in this case it is the main title, 'Children from ethnic minorities often get the worst marks at school' carries a dark, sinister pun to it. The keyword is 'marks'. At school, students get points or marks for completing good quality work, this may be a double entendre as to say that teacher's do not treat every student as an equal in the classroom, meaning that they have lower marks, purely on their race. In this advert however, they use a much dreadful and literal meaning of the term. They illustrate that children form ethnic minorities get bullied physically, as well as verbally, they illustrate the great extent some children would go to show their hatred, they illustrate the scandalous secrets of life in secondary school. ...read more.


and does not set an apparent understanding of the pureness that is trying to be portrayed in the advert. I feel it would have more effect if the title was clearer and possessed a less mocking and negative tone. The aesthetics could be much clearer too, as the hand written effect of the word 'HERE' is not easy to read, as I experienced when I thought that it read 'MUM'. I believe that the advertisement is aimed at mothers, possibly fathers and does not reach to the vast audience that it may be hoping to. For this, I do not believe it is effective as the other adverts. The campaign as a whole has aimed increasingly high into producing the most effective yet simple adverts that it can. It does not give a difficulty in understanding the majority of its adverts and does not feel too taxing on the mind. It can feel a little intimidating since the sincere and sarcastic tone does not do much to make the audience feel content or in a state of willing to give charity. However this may guilt the audience into helping raise awareness of racism and prejudice in today's society, using its ongoing intimidation technique, which incorporates slight mocking, culpability and blame on the audience. For this negative reason, I feel that the CRE has reached its aim. English Language Non-Fiction Coursework CRE Vivien Solak 10T1 ...read more.

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