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communication at cadburys

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Unit 1. Investigating business Communication at Cadbury Communication method Type of communication Advantages of this type of communication Disadvantages of this type of communication Is it internal or external or both Mobile Telephone oral It is easy to contact with the person who is out of the office You cannot guarantee the phone will have signal Internal and external E-mails Written It's easy way to send documents and you can send the attachments There can be internet problems. Internal Meetings oral You can talk to stuff and make decisions of duties You cannot guarantee if everyone will come Internal Advertising oral You can make more customers by making a verbal on TV. Some people don't watch TV and they don't like advertises. External Fax written You can quickly send documents to a person, e.g. if you not in the meeting you sent the document to you secretary. You cot sure if the person will get you documents. Internal Website Written Good way to improve the business. People may not know your website until you not advertising it. External Posters Written It gets public attention if you make it interesting. People may not like the posters idea & cost lot of money External Memo Written It's a quick way to explain what to do May not be understood properly Internal Letter Written You can do a letter with your own writhing and signature People may not be interested in reading and could chuck it away. ...read more.


Using advertises you can make lots of customers and it helps to business very much. But first of all, advertise must be tempting and make interested buyer. Fax is the best produced product in 21st.you can quickly send documents and you can be sure that the receiver got it. It is good way to send copies of documents to each office in the building so you don't need to distribute to every employee in the building. Website may offer lots of information about Cadburys and it can be fun and you can make it historical so it would be more interesting. Website is bright and colourful and helps attract a lot of people. Cadburys have their own website which has all materials to attract more people, but some people don't have internets so that's why advertises are their second chance. Posters at Cadburys are also useful to business, especially if you go to food markets and you see big attractive poster and it attract lots of people. Other good way of posters is that you can make deal with it e.g. 'Buy One Get One Free'. Memo is a short letter saying about changes that you may want to do and it also is a quick note of information, it may be useful at Cadburys if you made a project and you want to change something, so you send an memo saying that you done few changes. ...read more.


Another way to attract more customers is to show an interesting advertise on TV and offer their products and tell them where you can buy many famous Cadburys products. Cadburys use lot of advertisements including billboards, radio and lots more. This is the best way for Cadburys to attract customers population, if the advertise has a big population they playing it on TV lots of times per day and when people watch it all the time they would be interested to buy the products being advertised. There is another way to make more customers. Cadburys should offer trips to Cadburys world and offer tours around all Cadbury world. Also they can offer games to kids so they could have a competition with other kids. Evolution I think that all of the methods which Cadbury use to communicate work in different ways and all of them are successful. But I think that the best of all communications that Cadburys are doing the Website. The website attracts lots of people because they have all information about Cadburys and Cadburys world. The other method that is successful at Cadburys is 'Cadburys world' I have been there yet, but I read comment which costumers left and all I can see that they really enjoyed in there and will visit it again. In my opinion, all methods doing well at Cadburys and there is nothing that can be changed because they all doing well and without them Cadburys wouldn't be that succeed. ...read more.

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