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Compare and contrast the way Wales and its people are portrayed in the poems 'Toast' by Sheenagh Pugh and 'Some Christmas Haiku' by Peter Finch.I am going to be discussing comparisons and differences between the two poems.

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Compare and contrast the way Wales and its people are portrayed in the poems 'Toast' by Sheenagh Pugh and 'Some Christmas Haiku' by Peter Finch. I am going to be discussing comparisons and differences between the two poems. The poem 'Toast' is set in Cardiff. I know the poem is set in Cardiff because the poem mentions some Cardiff streets, 'Westgate Street', 'St. Johns'. I don't think that Sheenagh Pugh cares that much about the stadium because she describes the stadium as 'vast concrete-and-glass mother-ship', I think that Sheenagh Pugh doesn't care much about the Stadium because she wouldn't have described the Stadium in this way. The poem is mostly about the summer. There's only two lines in the poem which doesn't relate to summer 'with November rain, but different, as if the stones retain heat'. The fact that it's summer creates the atmosphere of the builders flirting with the women and the women flirting back, if it wasn't summer, the poem wouldn't mention the builders with their tops off, being whistled at. ...read more.


I think this about the poem 'Toast' because the only Stadium that is in Cardiff is the Millennium Stadium and it was built for the year 2000. I think that the poem 'Some Christmas Haiku' is modern because 100 years ago people went to church, they didn't used to have cars to burn out 'light of a wrecked car burning'. In my opinion there are only a couple of differences between the two poems. My first difference is that 'Toast' is a positive poem and 'Some Christmas Haiku' is a negative poem. I think that 'Some Christmas Haiku' is a negative poem because it says of all the things we could be enjoying over the Christmas period the only thing we have left is the Christmas card image 'On the moors the snow caught by grass no one to see it', there's only one positive thing to look at over Christmas and there are a few negative things like 'a man in a Santa suit three women smoking', this is negative because it tells us people are making fun of Christmas, they're not celebrating it the right way. ...read more.


dolig this bunt, mmm do it dunnit, don matter do it again' he There are a few Christmas images in this poem there are four negative ones and one positive one. The positive image is at the start of the poem '0n the moors the snow caught by grass', the negative images are 'in the chapel old wood after so many years still shining', 'outside the building society a man in a Santa suit and three women smoking'. In my opinion this tells me that Peter Finch wants to give us a message that people in Wales are celebrating Christmas the wrong way. Toast also has some images in its poem of the builders, 'young builders lay golden and melting on hot pavements', 'vast concrete-and-glass mother-ship', these are both images of the Millennium Stadium when it was being built and after it was built. The meaning of Christmas now is presents and the turkey dinner, not many people celebrate Christmas in the right way anymore, people go to church on Christmas day, most people stay in their house having a turkey dinner an opening Christmas presents. Sophie Meecham 11p Saesneg 1 ...read more.

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