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Compare the reasons Native Americans and Hispanic Americans were discriminated against?

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Kat Compare the reasons Native Americans and Hispanic Americans were discriminated against? FACTORS: * Economic * Nativism * Physical appearance * Militancy * Living conditions * Attitude towards their US status ECONOMIC Discrimination against minorities was often to do with the economy. Discrimination often occurred in the workplace and immigrants were often blamed for economic problems. This was a particular problem for the Mexican Americans who were often discriminated against because of jobs whereas it was not such a problem for Native Americans who were not after jobs but trying to maintain their identity as Native Americans. Most Mexican Americans came as workers as they were a cheap source of labour. White Americans felt that the great number of immigrant workers would put Americans out of work and also create lower wages which often resulted in discrimination towards the Hispanics. ...read more.


Discrimination was more of a factor for the discrimination against Hispanics than Native Americans. The Hispanics suffered worse discrimination due to rivalry over jobs etc, but the Native Americans were also victims of this type of discrimination. MILITANCY Militancy by the minorities was known to antagonise whites and increase the discrimination. Both Native Americans and Hispanic Americans suffered from discrimination due to their attempts at militancy in order to get what they wanted. The militant actions of Native American Groups such as the American Indian Movement (AIM) not only drew attention to the plight of Native Americans, but alienated whites as well, which in turn increased the discrimination they suffered. On the 9th November 1969, 78 Indians occupied Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay. ...read more.


Their acts consistent of 'camp-ins' when Forest Service Land was attacked and set on fire and various disturbances in Los Angeles high schools and streets. This did little to help their cause and proved more of a hindrance as it irritated white people and police. Some young Mexican Americans also contributed to the maintenance of racist feeling when gang warfare started in LA during the war years. Of course, this gave the white people more of a reason to be hostile, thus resulting in discrimination. Although both groups suffered from discrimination due to their militant actions, it seems that the Native Americans got a better treatment by both whites and the government as people could sympathise with their cause. The militant actions although, raised awareness for their plight, proved to be more of a hindrance than a help and it just increased white hostility. ...read more.

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