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Compare the short stories Vendetta and School teachers quest

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Compare the Short Stories School Teachers guest and vendetta how do their style and content show revenge is represented Vendetta and The School Teachers Guest are both linked by the same theme retribution; this is defined in the dictionary as "deserved punishment". This is seen in both stories by the reactions of the mothers of the two sons as they want to get there own back and want justice for their sons deaths. Although apart from this theme which runs through the stories the settings are very different. Vendetta is set on the barren coast of Sardinia. In the Sardinian village the old woman is isolated physically and mentally .The old widow is all alone and has no contact with the outside world. Her house is set on a 'barren coast, stripped of all but a scanty covering of grass. 'The house is set on a rocky cliff over looking the sea. School Teachers Guest is set in Chile in a village called Ague Santa in the appearance of being on an 'insufficient backwater' on the edge of the jungle. ...read more.


The reason why the two women took revenge was due to their sons' death. In Vendetta the old women was so distraught 'no tears but she glazed long and silently at her dead son' the women was so overcome by her son's death that 'she promised him the vendetta'. The death of the widow's son was intentional. Bonifacio is known for its blood feuds, also taking the law into their own hands. You know this because of the 'bandits taking their refuge when thinks got a little hot'. In the School Teachers Guest her sons' death was totally different to Vendetta. In Vendetta the killing was intentional whereas in the school teachers guest the killing was a boyish prank gone wrong, in the school teachers Guest the death was an accident. The boy only went to pick up a fallen mango from a field 'whom no one really knew' a warning shot to scare the boy away, but it went horridly wrong, and the bullet went straight though the boys for head. ...read more.


When the chance came she took her revenge. Whereas in Vendetta the old widow can not get on with her life until she has taken her revenge on the man that killed her son. In school Teacher Guest we fell closer as a reader unlike the widow who we don't really know, and don't feel drawn to her. In conclusion revenge is represented by both mothers showing love. In Vendetta the mother is old and frail. This does not stop her. She promised him the Vendetta. This is her determination to seek revenge for her son. The mother was devastated with the death off her only son. She was determined to seek revenge. My over all opinion on the too stories are that I prefer Vendetta better than the School Teachers Guest My reason for this is that I like how the old widow thinks and plans the death of the man. Also how she trains the dog to become the killer, so there for if any one did find out she could blame the death of the man onto the dog 'Semillante'. ?? ?? ?? ?? Harry Johnson ...read more.

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