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Comparing The Superstitious Man's Story And The Call.

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Coursework Essay Comparing The Superstitious Man's Story And The Call I am comparing the two stories, The Superstitious Man written by Thomas Hardy and The Call written by Robert Westall. The Superstitious Man's story is narrated by a third person. We don't actually find out much about the narrator because not much is mentioned. However in The Call the story is narrated by the rota-secretary of the local Samaritans. Tension in The Superstitious Man is built up in many ways in the story, when Betty finishes her ironing she decides to go up to their chamber but to her great surprise, on reaching the foot the staircase she sees Williams boots, standing in the same place as they always stood, when he had gone to bed. Then going up the staircase and entering the chamber, she found William in bed sleeping as sound as a rock. By now Betty was confused and couldn't quite work out what had gone off. ...read more.


The tension in The Call is built up by the call's Meg and Geoff receives in the story. One of the call's they received was a woman who sounded very frightened. "A voice spoke through the crackle. A female voice. He's going to kill me. I know he's going to kill me." The story keeps you in suspense, and makes you think what is happening to the woman on the other side of the phone. The appearance of the ghosts in The Superstitious Man's story are described as faint shapes of all the people who are to die, or to get over their illness within the year going in to the church. "faint shapes of all the folk in the parish who are going to be at death's door within the year can be seen entering the church. Those who get over their illness come out again after a while." However in The Call Meg describes the female who calls them for help as an old lady who is lonely and frightened. ...read more.


Just married." Unlike her and her husband, local people passing their cottage would always hear them arguing. "they didn't get on well - people passing the cottage heard them quarrelling." I think that as revenge she decides to lead Meg and Geoff into the river so they both could die a tragic death like she had and this also would lead to the breaking up of Meg and Geoff's relationship. Both of the stories have tragic endings. In The Superstitious Man's story William dies at the end. "William did not wake...John went up and shook him, and found that he was dead." In The Call Harry Lancaster a good friend of Geoff died in his sleep. "Harry Lancaster died peacefully in his sleep." Overall I think that both of the stories were great because they are different to general ghost stories. Out of both of the stories I likes The Superstitious Man's story the best, it really gets you thinking of how William got up to the chamber with out Betty seeing him, but towards the end of the story you find out that William is going to die within the year. ...read more.

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