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Comparison of "Prayer of a Black boy" and "Telephone Conversation".

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Poetry Coursework Comparison of "Prayer of a Black boy" and "Telephone Conversation" These two poems, "Telephone Conversation" by Wole Soyinka and "Prayer of a black boy." Guy Tirolien. Are both about how a black person coped in the white mans part of the world. Both these poems highlight the problems of racial and cultural differences. Prayer Of a Black Boy The "Prayer of a Black Boy" poem is showing how a small boy coped, in the "White mans world." This whole poem is a prayer to god from a small boy. The boy wants to go back to where he is from, with his dad. The boy pleads with god that he doesn't have to go to a white peoples school. "Lord I do not want to go into their school. Please help me that I need not go again". The boy would have rather been in his home country with his father. He must of spent a lot of time at home before he came to this "world" as he remembers very well what it is like at home. He refers to the nature and how much he would like to "follow father into the cool gorges" he also says he wants to "lie down to sleep beneath a mango tree" and wake when only he wants to. ...read more.


Telephone Conversation This poem is about how a black man, is trying to get a room for a night over the phone. The man saw the advert and the price was reasonable, and the location was all right. but best, the landlady swore she lived of premises. This all seemed very good so he decided to phone. The times must have been so bad for racial and cultural differences because before he even asked for a room he knew that he had to state he was African. The man must have been very worried because he knew what it was like. The man was worried of self-confession. He told the landlady " Madam, I hate to waste a journey - I am African". The direct response was "how dark" and then she said, "Are you light or very Dark" The lady puts emphasis on the words Light and dark. The man seemed shocked as it says, "I had not misheard". At first the man seemed to see if he was dreaming as he mentioned everything around him as if doing a check. He describes the mouthpiece on the phone as having "rancid breath of public hide and speak." He uses these words because it is as if a game of hide and seek as the person on the other side of the phone can not see who it is, so it is as if he is hiding from the lady. ...read more.


I think that the author Guy Tirolen goes into a lot more depth into the background of the boy, and how his life used to be like before he came to the white mans world. It seems to be very descriptive and detailed. Where Wole Soyinka is quite descriptive in the describing of the telephone box, but not a lot anywhere else. Both Black Males seem as if they just want an easy simple life. You can see this by the way the man says "I hate a wasted journey - I am African" and by the way the boy keep begging God to let him go back to the "Cool Gorges" with his father. The two Males are both asking for something in the prayer but one not as extortionate as the other. One boy asks for a whole new life, or his old one back. The boy seems to have a lot more problems than the man. The man is only asking for a room to stay for the night. But I think it is a lot harder for the black boy to survive in those times. This is because a lot of the Adults feel as if they control smaller people then them. And find it harder to control men that would be able to fight back. By Paul Cosgrove Paul Cosgrove 11C ...read more.

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