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Consequence of the Tragedy In America.

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Consequence of the Tragedy in America. Along with everyone else, more so British Muslims are continually condemning the attacks on the soil of America. No cause can justify the carnage that took place, it was a senseless and evil attack that appall all people of conscious, even Muslims. Stressing 'Muslims' Why? Ignorance of Islam and its true values has led to people being subjected to direct and indirect forms of abuse. Abusive language, physical attacks and damage to Muslim people's property has been reported in various parts of the UK including Wales. Since 11 September 2001 there has been a significant increase of Islamaphobic/Racist incidences. Two weeks Post September 11, due to increasing incidences brought to SAHELI's attention, it was decided by SAHELI members to initiate an Outreach Project that specifically supports victims that have been subjected to Racism / Islamphobia. Evidence reveals that there has been a dramatic increase of verbal and in some cases physical abuse. ...read more.


Prior to the 'American Attack', there had been cases where Muslims/Asians had been victims of Racism but the recent events have caused an escalation of these cases especially Muslims. SAHELI has come across endless cases, most of which a far more distressing than the ones mentioned below. Recent case examples: * Grange Gardens Park. A Muslim father & daughter were walking along the road; a 12 year old girl hurled abusive language and threw stones at them, made faces and ran off. * Grangetown area. A Muslim mother & 7year old daughter were walking to the local Mosque. A male threw alcohol at them from his car. * In a local Cardiff School: A 7-year-old Muslim girl asked if she could play with her peers in the playground. A girl put her middle finger up at her exactly 8 times leaving her too frightened to ask to play with them again. ...read more.


SAHELI has two outreach workers whose job roles go far beyond that of an Outreach worker. They work in a totally unpaid fulltime Voluntary Capacity. Time constraints and an increasing amount of Casework along with unlimited stresses of 'No Finances' are limiting SAHELI's aims Forthcoming: * SAHELI will shortly release a report, which illustrates the experiences of Muslim Children (Post September 11) that attend schools in the Cardiff and surrounding areas. * On the request of the Finance Minister of Wales- Ms Edwina Hart, in the near future SAHELI is to arrange a meeting for 'Women Only' in which we hope to invite members of An-Nisa Society (London) and The British Muslims and Islamaphobia Commission in attendance & dialogue with Female Members of The National Assembly of Wales; to share their expertise and explore avenues in which the wider Muslim community can interact positively in Wales. * * * * All Wales Saheli Association 2 St. Martins Row, Albany Road, Cardiff CF24 3JJ (Tel No: 07968 800573) ALL WALES SAHELI ASSOCIATION ...read more.

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