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Consider how the lives of the first Disciples, Peter, James and John have changed from chapter one to chapter sixteen.

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Michael Buckingham Discipleship Centre Name: Sunderland St. Aidans Centre Number: 39549 Date: October, 2002 Question 1 In this question I have been asked to consider how the lives of the first Disciples, Peter, James and John have changed from chapter one to chapter sixteen. To answer this I will begin by discussing the change in the life of Simon. Simon Peter was a fisherman, he was working class and properly unable to read and write. Mark 1:17, Jesus calls four fishermen, Jesus says to Simon, "Come with me, and I will teach you to catch people." Simon's response was immediate as he left his net and he was known as Peter from that time onwards. When Jesus tells the four fishermen to follow him they do not hang around but drop everything to start their new lives, Danes pg 34. Peter is married with responsibilities we know about this because Jesus heals Simon (Peter) mother in law. (1:30-31). In Mark 3:14, Peters responsibilities have changed, he has to leave his family and spread the word of God, in this reference Jesus chooses twelve Apostles which is an echo of the old Testament, when Jacob called the twelve Tribes of Israel after his twelve sons. This also shows us that Jesus is the new lawgiver, and it also shows us that Jesus has the power to establish the twelve tribes of Israel. Jesus choose Peter (Simon) first because it shows he is the one Jesus thinks could be a leader. Jesus changes Peters name from Simon because it shows a new start, the name Peter means rock. In Mark 5:37, Jesus heals / brings a little girl back to life, so this is a resurrection and is a future echo of what is going to happen to Jesus. Peter, James and John are all present for this; it is possible that Jesus was preparing his Disciples for his Death and Resurrection. ...read more.


of my teaching in this Godless and wicked way, then the son of man be ashamed of him when he comes in the glory of his father in Holy angels." This is also talking about how if you die for your religion you will be rewarded with eternal life. "Whoever wants to be first must place himself last of all and be a servant of all." This is telling the Disciples that toy must not! Be selfish and work in partnership with others so that the Devil cannot be allowed to be a part of your life. Another cost of being a disciple, is that you will be, "arrested taken to court and beaten." So if you are preaching and teaching you could be beaten in synagogues. "Jesus tried to teach his disciples that Gods work did not depend on their own human strength, Burke page 132. In Mark 13:13, "Everyone will hate you because of me but whoever holds out to the end will be saved." Jesus is reassuring his disciples here when they are unsure why people hate them; this is a great cost of discipleship. The widows offering, this story is about people putting money into the moneybox. This poor widow spared two little copper coins that were worth a penny. Jesus said, "I tell you that this poor widow put more in the offering box than others. A widow was either someone who could not work or had no one looking after them, because it was Jewish law if your husband dies to had to marry there brother. Further on in this story, Jesus says, "For the others put in what they had to spare of their riches; but she, poor as she is, put in all she had to live on..." So this is another story telling us that Disciples have to give up their lives to Jesus, and this is kind of what this woman has done, because she gave what she had to live on. ...read more.


Vocation is otherwise known as a calling, Christians can be called to be monks and Priests, vocation can be seen as a part of discipleship and it is not very hard to forgive people. In Mark 3:13-49, the disciples were called to preach repetitive faith and forgiveness, we all care for each other this is a part of life, so if we care for people we will find it easy to forgive people. Attending mass could also be seen as discipleship, going to church is giving up some time for God, like the disciples left everything for Jesus and God. By supporting aid groups such as Cafod could be seen as a easy form of discipleship because all of us can give some amount of money. In Mark 6:6-13, The Mission Of The Twelve, the disciples were told to care and heal people with evil spirits. Christians could also raise awareness of their work through schools or church groups. Having studied all the available evidence, in my opinion is that some forms of discipleship such as leaving/giving up everything for God and Jesus in modern day is too much to expect, I also think carrying your own cross and dying for your faith is too much in modern day. Although saying this, supporting aid groups such as Cafod and Christian Aid are well within the limitations of a modern day disciple, also I think forgiving people could be also well within the limitations of a modern day disciple. Footnotes Question 1: 1. Mark 1:17 2. Danes page 34 3. Mark 1:30-31 4. Mark 3:14 5. Mark 5:37 6. Mark 6:6-12 7. Mark 8:27-29 8. Mark 8:32-33 9. Mark 9:2-13 10. Mark 14:29-31 11. Mark 16:14-18 12. Mark 3:14 13. Mark 3:14 14. Mark 10:35-45 15. Mark 14:32-45 16. Mark 16:14-18 Question 2: 1. Mark 4:35 2. Mark 8:34 3. Burke page 132 4. Mark 13:13 5. Mark 10:28 6. Mark 10:29-30 7. Mark 5:34 8. Mark 6:46 9. Mark 9:29 Question 3: 1. Mark 10:19 2. Mark 10:21 3. Mark 10:25 4. Mark 10:28 5. ...read more.

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