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Consider the major arguments for and against voluntary, involuntary and non-voluntary Euthanasia.

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Shaun Kennedy Essay on Euthanasia Consider the major arguments for and against voluntary, involuntary and non-voluntary Euthanasia. Voluntary Euthanasia is a choice made by a person who may be suffering from an illness or disease and has come to the conclusion that they want their life to come to an end. A utilitarian approach to this conclusion made by a person can work both ways by either agreeing or disagreeing with the person. Being a utilitarian is all about doing what is better for the greater good, so on one hand you may have him saying that it will minimise suffering and may eventually lead to a change in the law where euthanasia will be made legal in more countries. ...read more.


Emotivists would also have something to say on the matter and would say that a persons view on euthanasia is just an expression of emotion as where a Utilitarian saying voluntary euthanasia is right is merely just expressing compassion. Involuntary euthanasia, this is where the person doesn't want euthanasia and has gone against there will in making them have it, this could also be looked at as murder. The only real way of justifying this is by a person who believes that they can decide that someone else's life is valueless even though the person would disagree an example of this could be that someone has said whilst they were well that they would never want euthanasia but then they have got really ill and someone else decides there life isn't worth living and is valueless. ...read more.


Non-voluntary euthanasia is where the person with the illness or disease is not in a position to choose because of their illness so a family member makes the choice. A utilitarian talking about this would say that it may be right because it may be what the person would want and would be for the greater good but on the other hand it may put fear into other people making them think that once they aren't able to make decisions for themselves that the decision for them to die is put in someone else's hands, a utilitarian would not want a society like this. A deontologist would argue that it is a persons duty to alleviate suffering and not to let someone continue with their life if deemed unnecessary, but he would also again have to bring up the set of rules that says about not killing. ...read more.

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