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Core Theology Case Study - The word Euthanasia is a term applied to 'mercy killing.'

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Core Theology Case Study The word Euthanasia is a term applied to 'mercy killing.' For the purpose of putting an end to extreme suffering, or saving abnormal babies, the mentally ill or the incurably sick from the prolongation, perhaps for many years, of a miserable life, which could impose too heavy a burden on their families or on society. Euthanasia is considered a highly controversial subject, and really brings the reality of the society we live in today, into the limelight. In Britain today Euthanasia is illegal, and anyone who takes part in such activities is facing potential murder charges. Some European countries have legalised Euthanasia, such as Holland and Switzerland, and its more controversial that people leave their home countries to go die in another one, And the partners of those who help in the mercy killing could face charges when they return to their home country. What is more controversial is the fact that people are so desperate to rid themselves of their suffering that they'd go to these lengths. ...read more.


Anne Rodway former deputy chairman of BMA says ' I want patients to know that I have a license to heal and not a license to kill.' However this GP who didn't want to be named said I had an elderly patient with a very advanced form of cancer and she begged me to help her die. She said that if she could reach the bleach in her kitchen cupboard she would have drunk it. He claims he didn't help her die but prescribed medication in such a dose that it probably relieved a great deal of pain and gave her a higher risk of causing death, she died a couple days later. In this article many things are considered firstly that Euthanasia should be legalised as it was in Ancient Greece. The Catholic teaching on Euthanasia, abortion or suicide is quite clear, it is strongly forbidden. No one has the right to command life except God you cannot choose when to die God gave you life and he will end it is not up to the individual in any way or form. ...read more.


A person can have one bad day and say I want to die but one deed could result in a change of mind and so if the euthanasia goes ahead then that person is murdered and the human rights are violated. Most people wanting to go through a mercy killing have some sort of disability, and the emotional state of the person wanting to die is not considered, and in reality they may have chosen to live. If they go through with the Euthanasia, those helping them have violated their human rights. Despite any circumstance the scripture clearly state no life should be taken by another living being, whatever the circumstances. One of the Ten Commandments is thou shalt not kill. The Catholic teachings on Euthanasia are identical to those of my own religion, however I believe Euthanasia should be legalised, and in the future I believe Euthanasia will become legal in this country. This is because it is not the idea Euthanasia that is wrong but that society does not do enough for each other, life has become very isolated with new technology and busy jobs. Sajida65 Akhtar 13A ...read more.

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