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Country Lovers vs. The Gold Cadillac.

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Scott Bissett 10B 7/12/02 Country Lovers vs. The Gold Cadillac Both of the two stories, Country Lovers and The Gold Cadillac reveal racism. It is not a particularly hidden message. But the two of them approach it from slightly different angles. Country Lovers shows that the story is based around racism in the first paragraph: [the black children are] "beginning to call their old playmates missus and baasie - little master". Within the Gold Cadillac, the racism is a little better concealed. We don't know that the main family are black for sure, until line 166, after Wilbert (the father) has said he is going to go down to Mississippi and Mr. Pondexter say "Not much those folks hate more'n to see a northern Negro coming down there in a fine car". ...read more.


In Country Lovers, it is obviously about racism from line 10 onwards. We are constantly finding out how the white people have a far better life than the black people: in education, belongings, housing, and general life. For example, while Thebedi and Njabulo live in a "hut Njabulo had built in white-man's style, with a tin chimney, and a proper window with glass panes set in straight as walls made of unfired bricks would allow", the farmer and his son lived in a house "thick-walled, dark against the heat." It is interesting to note that Njabulo has attempted to copy the white man's house, but doesn't have the resources available. The way we are told, it seems that having a "proper window" is something he is very proud of. ...read more.


When the family are stopped on the side of the road because their father was tired, 'Lois took a knife and was defending her family, even though she did not know from what or why, she just knew that she had to. In Country Lovers, it was a clear story, that the white man lived a better life, and then the farmer's son kills his baby and gets away with it. However in The Gold Cadillac, the story is a bit more complex, as we are looking through the eyes of a child, who cannot understand everything. As a result of this, we don't know either the mother's or the father's reasoning behind their actions unless they tell 'Lois. So in conclusion, I believe that The Gold Cadillac reveals racism far better; mostly thanks to the way it is put forward with a child narrator. ...read more.

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