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(CREATION vs. EVOLUTION( Creation... Evolution... Two of the main aspects about our reason on this highly sophisticated universe. No one knows which theory is the right one. It has been a mystery for many years to all mankind. Who knows how long until the mystery is solved. Your view could differ from many others around you. This is my view... CREATION Creation focuses on one point: God. The Bible and the Qur'an are the best source for this topic. Christian creation For Christianity, the stories of the Creation are found in the first two chapters of the book of Genesis in the Bible. They show how God created the world in six days and rested on the seventh. This account says that God created the world from nothing: In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Genesis 1:1 After creating the earth, the sky, the seas and plants, God made birds and fish on the fifth day and animals and humans on the sixth day. So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. ...read more.


I desire no support from them, nor do I desire that they should feed Me. Surely; it is Allah who is the Sustainer, the Lord of Power, the Steadfast. Surah 51:56-57 Science has never posed a major problem for Muslim beliefs about creation. For centuries Islamic scientists have been at the forefront of many ideas and discoveries. Muslims would argue that science does not affect their belief in Allah's creation of the world; instead, it explains what the Qur'an teaches. Therefore scientific explanations are welcomed as they help Muslims to have a greater understanding of Allah's creation. The Qur'an has an account of the beginning of Creation which prefigures modern scientific theories: Do not the unbelievers realise that the heavens and earth were a solid mass, then we split them asunder, and we made from water every living thing? Surah 21:30 He it is who created the night and the day, and the sun and the moon each gliding freely in its orbit. Surah 21:33 Cosmology This science deals with the way in which the universe came into being and says that the most likely way in which the earth came into existence was as the result of a Big Bang, a huge explosion in the universe which created all the stars and planets, including the earth. ...read more.


Rocks usually lie on top of one another in the order in which they were formed, and so we can tell which fossils came earlier and which came later in the history of the Earth. It is even possible to tell, roughly, the age (in millions of years) of a particular rock and the fossil it contains. CHARLES DARWIN Darwin was born at Shrewsbury, in England, in 1809-82. The person who most clearly put forward the theory, or idea, of evolution, which shows how living things came top be as they are today, was Charles Darwin. Alfred Wallace had also been thinking about the theory of evolution. In 1989 Darwin's great book, The origin of Species, was published. In it he put the idea of "natural selection" to account for the way in which evolution takes place. This new theory about life made many people think, no only in England but all over the world, for most of the people believed in the story of the creation that is told at the beginning of the Bible, and thought that Darwin was attacking a sacred truth. In 1871 another of his books, The Descent of Man, caused a fresh uproar, for in it Darwin traced man's ancestors and those of the apes back to a ape-like creature. ...read more.

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