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Creationism Isn't Science but Belongs in Schools

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Robyn St. Hilaire English 102-002 Essay #1 Creationism Isn't Science but Belongs in Schools The origin of life has been a point of discussion for as long as history has been documented. Ancient Egyptians believed that the sun god Ra took another form, created land from a watery abyss and created everything, including gods and humans. The Iroquois, a tribe of Native Americans, told a story of god to human lineage that resulted in twins, one being evil and one being good. The good twin creates a picture perfect world. The evil twin reverses the good twin's actions by making things more complex and difficult for humans. Christians and Jews believe that God, their only god, created the earth and the heavens in six days, and on the seventh day he rested. Secular humanists believe that the earth was created from a large cosmic explosion and that the living organisms on the earth have evolved from bacteria. ...read more.


Eldredge's main point is simply that creationism isn't a science and evolution is a vital theory in the field of science. The idea is basic; the theory of evolution is based in science and therefore is to be taught in a science curriculum. Evolution is the theory that there is "one basic scheme of similarities interlocking all of life." This theory is usually studied in biological fields but is useful in a number of other scientific fields. By explaining the uses of evolution in some scientific fields, Eldredge makes the point that evolution needs to be taught (519). This is an irrefutable argument. It is obvious that the solution to this debate is not that evolution is not worth studying which would allow for all theories of creation to be taken from the schools. This leads back to the creationist argument that because both creationism and evolution are theories they both deserve to be taught in schools equally. ...read more.


Evolution is science based and leads to a better understanding of science. It needs to be taught and it needs to be taught in a science classroom. It is easily understandable that creation theories are not science based and are instead mythological in their basis, so teach them in a subject that covers mythology. The discussion of creation is something that has been and will continue to be a part of human life. It is only fair that we educate our children in these different theories in order to allow them to decide which fits their personal belief systems best. I believe that the theories should be taught in subjects that correspond to their basis. According to Eldredge's essay this statement should be a fair decision to end the on going debate, but it is my feeling that Eldredge would rather throw out all other theories of creation keeping only evolution. Eldredge's essay shows that creationism should be taken from the science classrooms, but what I feel Eldredge meant to say is that creationism should be taken from schools completely. ...read more.

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