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Creative Writing - The New World.

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English Creative Writing The New World Sliding my auto card into the slot, the door of my apartment opens. I walked straight to the pantry room where a gigantic revolving glass container stands. It contains hundreds of small multi-coloured pills and these pills must be taken three times a day. Through the brilliance of scientists, each pill contains just the right amount of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and even water for a person. As it is honey-coated, one can just suck or swallow it without any water. Living in this modern age where the advancement of technology has gone beyond human expectations, life has certainly become different. ...read more.


Professional undertakers are never in the occupation list for they will never get any customers. With immortality gained, death cannot be sought after through suicides or car accidents. In the aspect of suicide, a person is protected against poison or drugs of excessive bleeding by the fantastic body system. For those who attempt suicide by throwing themselves off high buildings, their bodies will automatically bounce back to life after hitting the ground. Victims of gun shots, bruises or cuts will be comforted, for the pain is only temporary as wounds will heal within two days. Car accidents never occur too, since cars are computer-operated with zero defects and run on rubber tyres. ...read more.


One only needs to consume a special pill to get the creamy, radiant and rosy -cheek complexion. So how does one tell the old apart from the young? The difference lies in their speech and reflexes. These two aspects are yet to be conquered. The old suffers from slurring of speech and delayed responses. They tend to stammer and are slower in their actions. It is from these observations that research is being carried out. Regular visits to other planets and monthly conventions held in outer space have been conducted so far. Since immortality is achieved, there is no need for anyone to rush. Procrastination is never condemned for there is always time for everybody, every activity or every possible plan. Now, don't you think living in such an era is interesting? ...read more.

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