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Day by day, of hajj.

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On the first day of hajj, Muslims go towards Mina, a small village. Muslims spend time praying like the prophet (PBUH) During the second day, Muslims leave Mina for Arafat. As they gather and remind them of the day of Judgement. Some of them gather at the mount of mercy .the prophet (PBUH) had asked god to pardon there sins of the Muslims who stood at Arafat, and was granted his wish. Just after sunset, everyone goes to Muzdalifah, an open about half way between Arafat and Mina. There they first pray and then collect a fixed number of Chickpea-sized pebbles to use on the following days. ...read more.


they give the meat to the poor after, in some cases, keeping a small portion for themselves as the Muslims have, at this stage, finished a major part if the hajj, they are now allowed to put on everyday clothes. On this day Muslims from around the world share the happiness the Muslims feel and join them by performing identical, individual sacrifices in a world wide celebration of Id al-Adha, (the festival of Sacrifice). Men shave their heads and women cut off a symbolic lock. This is done as a symbol of humanity. ...read more.


thirst. She ran back and forth seven times between two rocky hillocks ,Al-Safa and Al Marwah ,until she found the sacred water known as zamzam.This water ,which sprang forth miraculously under Ishmael's tiny feet, is now enclosed in a marble chamber the kabah. All the Muslims now return to Mina, where they stay up to the 12th or 13th day of Zul-hijjah.There they throw the remaining pebbles at each of the pillars in the manner either practiced or approved by the prophet (PBUH).Then they leave the friends they have made during hajj. Before leaving Makkah, however, Muslims usually make a final tawaf round the kabah to bid farewell to the holy city. ...read more.

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