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"Dealing With Moral Issues".

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Christina Molino February 02, 2004 "Dealing With Moral Issues" We face moral and ethical issues in our daily lives. Whether we are directly involved with the issues or just hear about them through reading the newspaper or watching the news, some moral issues can hold a very special place in our hearts. So, of course, when somebody disagrees with our point of view on that issues, we can sometimes let a simple difference of opinion turn into a heated argument. Frequently, when two people disagree about the morality of something, a third party steps in and says something like this: "Look, now. You two hold opposing opinions, and that is your right. Who is to say that one of you is wrong? No one can really say to one of you, "you are right, and to the other, "you are wrong," so, let's forget the whole things, all right?" ...read more.


However, there are also various people that feel that abortion sometimes is the only way of dealing with certain circumstances. These circumstances, include but are not limited to rape, incest, and complicated births. Let's use what I just said in the preceding paragraph to demonstrate the validity of my thesis statement. The next paragraph will be told as if this was a narrative. In the middle of one of their family education classes, Kati Lyn and Martha were in the middle of looking on information on abortion for their term papers. All of a sudden, Kati Lyn announced, "Abortion is morally wrong." Martha, whose best friend was recently raped at a party, and had become pregnant until she had an abortion, was heavily offended by Kati Lyn's outburst. Therefore, she said, "Sometimes, abortion is the best and only option." ...read more.


As demonstrated in the above paragraph, the disagreement between Kati Lyn and Martha resulted into a major fight between Kati Lyn, Martha, and Nina. I am sure that Nina was only trying to prevent the original disagreement from turning into a heated argument between Kati Lyn and Martha. However, what Nina failed to realize, was that by her interrupting the disagreement between Kati Lyn and Martha, she inadvertently created an opportunity for her to take a side of the argument. Nine times out of ten, when given the chance to choose a side in the argument, the "neutral" third party will choose a side in that issue. The reason for this is, because during the brief pause between the time the interruption initially occurs and the questioning from one of the people involved in the dispute, allows the "neutral" party to have a chance to consider the pros and cons of the issue being argued; thus, forming their own opinion of the issue. ...read more.

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