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Dear Mr. Annan.

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Micheal Gibson ` 10 Radford drive Braunstone Leicester LE3 3DR 15/01/2004 Bosworth Community College Leicester Lane Desford Leicestershire LE9 9JL Dear Mr. Annan I wish to complain about your recent decision to impose an embarrassing school uniform upon the students of Bosworth College, which is supposed to be a school where expression is encouraged. Yet imposing a school uniform will shatter the students self expression. As a student of the college I am shocked at the thought of being told what to wear. Isn't enough that we are told what to do, what not to do, where to go, and when to go, but making the students wear what they are told to will induce more people trying to revolt against the school. Yes I understand the arguments for a uniform: it reduces discrimination, gives students less things to worry about, it gives people a sense of unity and equality to the students. I also know that 83% of parents prefer uniform because it is smarter and cheaper then the designer clothes the students always want to wear, and is more suitable and sensible then the low cut, revealing ...read more.


Also the average parent who has a child at a school has to pay �130 for a school uniform at a time. And the argument "its cheaper then buying the children the designer clothes they want to wear all the time" well maybe so but if a school uniform is imposed on the students then the parents would have to buy two sets of clothes for the children. One for school time (the uniform) and then one for out of school which would probably cost more then if they didn't wear a school uniform. I do agree that school uniforms reduce the discrimination in schools but it wouldn't stop it in its entirety in the schools. Plus there is the aspect that the students would get more discrimination from other students going to other schools, and as it is said in the times "school children who wear a uniform are more open to attack and unwanted attention then that not in uniform because of the image that goes with school girls in uniforms." ...read more.


Also the feeling of acceptance from the school towards the variety of social groups that the students make for themselves in the school. There are people who wear fashionable clothes with brand names on, there are people who like to dress some what differently and there are groups of people that are casual wearers of clothes i.e. they just wear what ever they feel comfortable in. Where as bringing in a school uniform to Bosworth College will remove the image of freedom of self expression that the school has at the present. It will be replaced by the image of control and discipline. But in reality it will not be disciplined and controlled, the students will try as hard as they can to bend the rules, i.e. come to school not in uniforms or try to adjust and customise the uniform as much as they can even if it means getting in trouble for it. Please don't enforce the uniform onto Bosworth College; it would be a blow to the student's freedom and their sense of individuality. It's in human nature to break rules, so why enforce rules if you know they will be broken as much as possible Yours Sincerely Micheal Gibson ...read more.

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